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Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Lifeline Theatre 2nd annual developmental workshop


Deadline: January 1, 2023

Lifeline Theatre announces our 2nd annual developmental workshop! We continue to be invested in bringing new and diverse voices to our stage. As a new works company specializing in literary adaptation, we believe writers who adapt literature to the stage need dramatists to bounce ideas off of, actors to read it out loud, and experienced theatre makers to engage in discussion with the work. Also, writers need TIME to digest and incorporate the results of those experiences into their play. Lifeline Theatre has been developing new adaptations through an ensemble feedback process for decades. Therefore, we are excited to use our organizational knowledge about new adaptation development once again to support writers of color who are adapting literary works for the stage which may have the potential to be considered for production by Lifeline in the future.


This development process will be in service of the playwright and the play. Writers will choose the frequency, level, and style of feedback they want and the facilitator will coach, guide, and facilitate it in action. Support will ideally include a development team consisting of: a director, a dramaturg, Lifeline ensemble members, playwright-invited artists, a workshop coordinator, and Lifeline’s Artistic Director as facilitator. The process will culminate in a final reading for an invited audience that will be scheduled for July 2023, exact dates subject to artists’ schedules.


Lifeline seeks submissions from writers of color outlining their intent to develop a stage adaptation of a book or other literary work (e.g., short story, article, memoir, tale, poem, etc.). Proposals can be for traditional adaptations or “inspired by” approaches where the literature serves as a jumping off point, but the source material should be in the public domain. Only one proposal per writer will be accepted.

If chosen, writers will be expected to:
  • Either reside in the Chicago area, or be willing to cover their own expenses to travel to Chicago for the final reading;
  • Be available for up to six feedback sessions between February and July, 2023;
  • Devote time to write between sessions;
  • Invite like-minded artist friends/colleagues to feedback sessions to provide additional points of view;
  • Be available to attend the final reading, and its rehearsals to provide rewrites.
If chosen, writers will receive:
  • A $500 stipend;
  • A process-oriented, writer-focused, developmental experience;
  • A director and a dramaturg;
  • Regular readings of new or rewritten material with feedback from experienced Lifeline ensemble members and playwright-invited artists;
  • Administrative and casting support;
  • A final reading for an invited audience.
To Submit:

Submit by completing this application form by January 1, 2023.
Selection Timeline: January 1st: Application form closes
Mid-January: Finalists informed
Late-January: Finalist interviews
Early-February: Workshop playwright(s) announced

Please submit all questions to info@lifelinetheatre.com.

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