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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Whimperbang seeks submissions for issue #26


Deadline: non listed

whimperbang is accepting visual and literary submissions
for issue 26, to be published in March 2023.

To those of you who may have submitted and have not heard back, we thank you for your patience as we have reset our next publishing date.

For everyone else, please see our “Submission Guidelines” below.

whimperbang is an online journal of artistic commentary, published three times a year.

Submission Guidelines*
  • whimperbang invites the submission of serious, directed artistic expressions that reflect or comment upon today’s world. All literary and visual genres will be considered.Simultaneous submissions must be indicated as such in the submission email. If your work is accepted elsewhere, please inform us.
  • Unpublished works only.
  • New submissions may not be made until you have heard back from us regarding old ones.
  • There is no reading/review fee.
  • whimperbang cannot offer payment at this time.
  • At the time of publication, all rights revert back to the author. If you decide to republish the piece elsewhere, we ask that you cite whimperbang as a place of previous publication.
  • Submissions may be submitted via lightning-fast email: whimperbang.journal@gmail.com
  • Email “Subject” must read “Submission”. Submissions not sent in this format will be refused.
  • Submissions may be made either as attachments, or reside within the body of your email (copy & paste).
  • Please include a short biographical paragraph with your submissions, including your name and place of residence, email address (for our records), publications and any other relevant information.
  • Poetry submissions: may not exceed 5 poems.
  • Prose (fiction, non-fiction) submissions: should not exceed 5,000 words.
  • Play submissions: should not exceed 5,000 words.
  • Visual submissions: (illustrations, drawings, prints, photographs, sketchbooks, etcetera) may not exceed 5 pieces. If submitted as a series, no more than 10 pieces, please. A minimum of three, and maximum of ten, spreads may be submitted from sketchbooks. Please submit images by PNG, JPG or PDF, not exceeding 4 MB total.
  • Header submissions: should be sized to 300 x 76 pixels (PNG or JPG) and contain the word “whimperbang” (they are the site identifiers, top left). Headers may employ any media as long as they fit the above criteria. Chosen headers will be placed in random rotation on the whimperbang site.
  • Please be advised that whimperbang cannot publish all submissions, and must be very discriminating, as it is run by a small crew of volunteers. Please expect 3–5 months for a reply, depending on our work load.
If you find errors of any kind, please let us know. We have the option of making changes without burning paper.

That just about covers it. We look forward to reviewing your work.


Raymond Prucher
Editor, whimperbang

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