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Friday, August 26, 2022

Ensemble Playwrights Lab 2022-2023


Deadline: September 2, 2022

The Ensemble Playwright Lab (EPL) is a residency program for NYC-based playwrights to engage with Letter of Marque's (LOM) ensemble of actors, musicians, dancers, designers, and dramaturgs to create, develop, or reimagine a piece of work. This experimental process of creation and development is designed to welcome the playwright into the rehearsal room through active participation in devised and improvisational explorations. The goals and outcomes of each residency are mutually determined by both LOM and the playwright.

Playwrights are chosen using an anonymous submission process. Each entrant is asked to create an alias so as to mask their identity. Entrants are also required to omit all mentions of names of previous collaborators and the titles of their previous work. The anonymized submissions are then read by a panel consisting LOM Co-Artistic Directors Nolan Kennedy and Scarlet Maressa Rivera, and Guest Dramaturgs. Finalists are scheduled for interviews to determine the participants in this year’s Ensemble Playwright Lab. 

This season, LOM will be exploring the theme of DISCOVERY.

For the third season, LOM will proudly offer a $500 honorarium to each playwright chosen for a residency.

There will be two residencies: Fall (Oct.-Nov.) and Spring (March-May). Each residency will consist of 7 consecutive sessions to develop a work with the LOM ensemble. At the end of each residency, there will be a public showing and a facilitated post-showing talkback with the audience, playwright, and cast.

All meetings, rehearsals, and showings will take place in person in Manhattan, NYC unless otherwise arranged.

LOM is striving to amplify more BIPoC and LGBTQA+ voices. Playwrights from these communities are encouraged to apply.

NOTE: This is an annonymous submission process.
Do not mention your real name, the names of companies or artists you've worked with, or titles of plays you've written in your submission. Doing so will get you disqualified!

If you have any questions, please email: lomsubmissions@gmail.com to contact a non-adjudicating member of the team.


The EPL is open to playwrights...

-who currently live in NYC
who are able to attend all required sessions
-at any stage of their career
-wishing to work on a previously written piece OR wanting to create something new with the LOM ensemble
-age 21 or older

If you have submitted to the EPL in the past, please feel free to submit again!

What we are looking for:

The purpose of the Ensemble Playwright Lab is to build a relationship between a playwright and the LOM ensemble, and to explore/allow for/create new ways of collaboration. This program is intended for artists who identify as playwrights and want to improve their craft as well as their work. Yes, there will be public presentations at the end of the residency. However, what gets presented will be based on the interest and goals of the playwright. Letter of Marque’s mission is to spread ensemble culture, through responsive, inclusive, and accessible theater, and to engage individuals in collective success and meaningful dialogue.

What Does It Cost the Playwright:
There is no monetary charge or fee to participate in the Ensemble Playwrights Lab. We ask for their time, dedication, talent, and energy!

Important Dates
Due to the intensive nature of this program, only applicants who are able to attend all required dates will be considered.


Fall 2022 Section Dates
Submissions Open: 8/3/22
***Playwrights must be available for all the dates!***
October 24, 2022, Mon
October 31, 2022, Mon
November 17, 2022, Mon
November 11, 2022, Mon
November 21, 2022, Mon *
November 28, 2022, Mon
December 5, 2022 Mon
December 8, 2022, Thurs (rehearsal & tech)
December 9, 2022, Fri (showing & talkback)
December 12, 2022 Mon (wrap session)

Spring 2023 Section Dates
Submissions Open: 12/28/22
***Playwrights must be available for all the dates!***
March 27, 2023, Mon
April 3, 2023, Mon
April 10, 2023, Mon
April 17, 2022, Mon
April 24, 2023, Mon
May 1, 2023, Mon
May 4, 2023, Thurs (rehearsal & tech)
May 5, 2023, Fri (showing & talkback)
May 8, 2023, Mon (wrap session)

Where this all takes place: ​ Houghton Hall (NOMAD, 22 E 30th NY, NY 10016) from 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM

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