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Monday, August 29, 2022

The Playwrights Group ~ We’re adding a Tuesday Night Group to the Weekly Zoom Workshop!

We’re adding a Tuesday Night Group to the Weekly Zoom Workshop! 

Weekly Zoom Workshop


The Weekly Workshop has been meeting Thursdays since 2007 and now there will be a Tuesday night group  as well. Get feedback on a finished script or one you’re just getting started on. We read everything from a one page scene to a full length. Plays, musicals, film scripts — whatever it is you’re working on. This is a great way to keep yourself focused and to connect with other playwrights across the country. 


Tuesday or Thursday, 7 - 9:30pm EST


Check out our website for details and rates and

 ask to sit in on a session and see for yourself.


Script Consultations


Have a script you want feedback on?  Just send a PDF of your script and you’ll get the answers you’re looking for via email, phone or video conference. 


Richard Caliban has worked with  individuals on their scripts from all over the world — Indonesia, China, Greece, Australia, Serbia, as well as right here in New York. A script consultation will provide you with feedback on the structural soundness of your story, the dramatic arc of your protagonist, thematic unity and much more.


Online One-on-One Courses


If you’re looking for more, check out our One on One Online Playwriting Courses:


       The Art of Playwriting

       Write a Play in 10 Weeks


Both are One on One with instructor Richard Caliban, who has spent his life in rehearsal rooms getting words on a page up onto a stage. And since it’s One on One, the courses can be adjusted to fit your level of experience. 



Contact us at scripts@theplaywrightsgroup.com or visit our website for further info at: 



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