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Saturday, June 30, 2018


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Nashville Rep will award up to four residencies in the New Works Lab. Each playwright who accepts the residency will commit to developing a new play from its earliest stages to a full draft. The Ingram Works Lab does not develop plays that have already received substantial developmental support or production. Lab playwrights commit to all dates including participation in monthly Lab meetings, participation in the New Works symposium week, rehearsals for the New Works Festival, and participation in the New Works Festival as a featured playwright."

All playwrights who accepts a residency must commit to be available for all Lab, Playwrights Week, and Festival dates:

  • Lab Meeting Dates: Oct. 18-21; Nov. 15-18; Dec. 13-16; March 14-17; April 11-14
  • Playwrights Week: January 12-19, 2019
  • New Works Festival: May 8-18, 2019 (Playwrights must be in attendance May 5-19, 2019)

Should a playwright-in-residence miss any commitments, they may be asked to forgo their place in the New Works Lab.

All applications must include the following material:

 A letter of intent describing your proposed project. Please include a description of the project, a description of any work you have already begun on the project, and your objectives for working on this play at the Ingram New Works Lab.
 One Page Resume / Bio with history as a playwright.
 A full-length play that best represents your voice. Author and contact information must appear on the title page. Please do not submit musicals, screenplays, TV scripts, or children’s theatre.


Please use the form below for your submission. Upload your letter of intent, one page bio/resume, and sample play in PDF format. Please save files as LASTNAME_LETTER.pdf, LASTNAME_RESUME.pdf, and LASTNAME­_(TITLE OF YOUR PLAY). Your application must include all three files. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. You will receive a confirmation email to verify your submission.


We strongly suggest you read our FAQ before applying.

Additional questions can be sent to Nate Eppler, Playwright-in-Residence and Director of the Ingram New Works Project, at nate@nashvillerep.org.

Find answers to commonly asked questions about the Ingram New Works Project with the document below.

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