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Monday, June 25, 2018


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Theatre Roulette is Ohio’s longest running shorts festival, now celebrating its 20th year.  What began as an “invitation-only” festival expanded to taking local submissions, then to taking submission from across the United States, and now receives over 1,000 scripts annually from every corner of the world.

Submissions for Theatre Roulette 2019 open 6/15/18 and will close when we reach 1,000 submissions.

Please follow our submission guidelines to increase the chances of your script being selected.


  • Scripts should be between 5 and 20 pages and run 5-15 minutes
  • If your script is 25 pages, or 19 pages with size 7 font, we will not read it.
  • All submissions should be emailed to submissions@madlab.net
  • Scripts should be PDF’s or Word documents
  • Do not send links
  • Do not send resumes/bios/reviews or anything other than the script
  • We're only going to look at the scripts.  The other stuff just gets in the way and makes us grouchy.
  • Maximum five submissions per playwright
  • If you send us 8, we might read the first 5.  Or we might not.  
  • We are not accepting collections at this time
  • If you’ve got 5 solid shows, send them as 5 separate scripts.  
  • Our 2018-2019 season is science fiction themed. While we will select some non-sci fi Roulette scripts, we are particularly interested in sci fi shows
  • If one of your characters flies in on rigging, or your 10 minute show requires a life size replica of the Enterprise, we’re going to laugh a lot.  We’re a black box theatre.  Keep that in mind.
  • Playwrights will be notified when their script is received, but only contacted further if the show is selected for production. Playwrights will be paid a stipend of $50
  • If we had a full-time paid staff we would totally send rejection emails.  We know how much you all love them.

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