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Sunday, June 17, 2018


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Brooklyn Actor's Troupe presents the second annual 26 Hour Play Festival, 26 Wild Hours!

The Wild Project theatre and the Brooklyn Actor's Troupe are presenting a 24, wait no that's trade marked... 26 hour play festival on July 2nd at 8pm! Selected playwrights, actors, and directors will meet at the Wild Project theatre in the East Village on July 1st at 6pm.

6 playwrights, 6 directors, and 26 actors will be selected to create brand spanking new original pieces!

On July 1st the playwrights will meet at the theatre and be given the theme for the show which they will write. Any actors and directors able to attend will be split into 6 groups. The next day the directors and actors will meet at the Wild Project, where the show will be held, and slots will be given to rehearse in the space and the lobby all day starting at 10am. The show goes up at 8pm July 2nd!

Playwrights-Must be present on July 1st at the Wild Project, 195 E 3rd street at 6pm. They will receive prompts and be presented with their cast of actors by headshot or attendance.

Directors- Must be available July 2nd to direct their show during the morning/day to go up at 8pm.

Actors-Must be available July 2nd to rehearse during the day and perform at the 8pm show.

Actors and Directors are welcome and encouraged to be present at 6pm on July 1st, but it is not mandatory.

If you would like to be considered to participate please send a brief cover letter to TheBrooklynActorsTroupe@gmail.com which gives a synopsis of your work and who you are as an artist. Actors please send headshots as well. Please specify if you are submitting as an actor, director, playwright, or multiple disciplines.

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