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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Core Artist Ensemble 2018 Summer Readings Series

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Core Artist Ensemble is currently accepting script submissions for our upcoming 2018 Summer Readings Series. This season, we are fully embracing the resurgence of audio storytelling by focusing on that form as our primary medium.

We are excited to begin development of an anthology-style podcast, which will feature a new audio play every episode. Each story will explore the influence that technology has on our relationships and individual identities — the rapidly shifting and evolving shape of human connection as a consequence of modern advancements.

Let’s face it, modern communication technology now touches every part of our lives, from the nuances of our everyday interactions to its extreme influence on the culture at large, including national politics and storytelling. At Core Artist Ensemble, we’re looking for stories that investigate these changes and make vivid the ramifications of entering this brave new world.

If you’re looking for topical inspiration, there are several excellent non-fiction technology- and culture-related podcasts that might stoke your imagination. Reply All and Note to Self are a couple of our favorites. Salon.com has put together a comprehensive list of others you might might find idea provoking.

This year, writers will not be constrained by page limits. Take as much or as little time as you need to tell your story effectively. Anything from a short play to a series pilot to a full-length audio play is welcome.

As always, the Summer Reading Series will serve as a chance to workshop material for potential future production. This year, we will select a handful of scripts from the reading series to record as fully produced audio plays.  Our hope is to curate a diverse collection of stories that exist within the same alternative present or not-so-distant future.

These stories should be told purely with dialogue and sound effects, with setting and ambiance indicated by sound cues. Keep in mind that during the reading series sound cues will be read like stage directions, but plays chosen for audio production will be fully produced with sound mixing and effects.

Other technical specifications:

  •   On your cover page, please include your name and contact information.
  •   Email your script to lit@coreartistensemble.com by Thursday, June 21st.
  •   Label your script document with your name as follows: last_first_script title
  • You must also include with your submission a very short synopsis of the piece which includes how it incorporates our series theme of "the influence that technology has on our relationships and individual identities — the rapidly shifting and evolving shape of human connection as a consequence of modern advancements."

Selected plays will be given public readings during our upcoming summer development festival, taking place in the 99-seat TBG Theatre at The Barrow Group over three weekends in July and August. It's possible we may organize a writers room / development workshop prior to the readings, as an opportunity for selected writers to further polish their plays in a collective environment.

If you have any questions regarding the prompt or the reading series itself, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We look forward to reading your submissions!

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