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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Hooked is seeking submissions

Hooked, a storytelling app, is seeking submissions from playwrights. Hooked publishes stories in the form of text messages and dialogue. It is not the same as playwriting, but there are many similarities. For our new outreach we are initially seeking a one- to two-sentence "hook" (or story description) plus 150 words of dialogue. Below is an example. This particular story is in the thriller genre, but all genres are welcome, including romance, mystery, horror, young adult, science fiction, romance, or something completely unexpected.

If we decide to approve your pitch for a full story of around 5,000 or 10,000 words, there is the potential to receive four figures in payment. Plus you receive guaranteed reads and a link to your website or social media site.

The deadline for the hook and 150 words is Oct. 16.

If you are interested, please contact Phyllis Korkki, executive editor of Hooked, at phyllis@hooked.co.

Hook: Tiffany hears a weird noise in the basement and discovers a dark secret about her parents.

150-word intro:
Tiffany: Do you hear that?  
Mom: Hear what? 
Tiffany: There's a baby crying.  
Mom: I'm not home yet.  
Mom: Wait until I get back.  
Tiffany: It's coming from the basement... 
Mom: Don't go down there, Tiff.  
Tiffany: What? Why not?  
Mom: There's something about your father that I haven't told you.  
Tiffany: Mom, there's a baby. I can hear it.  
Mom: Honey, that's not a baby.  
Tiffany: What is it, then?! 
Tiffany: Mom, it's getting louder!! 
Mom: Don't go down there.  
Mom: I'm warning you.  
Tiffany: OMG MOM— 
Tiffany: Are you not grasping the situation here?Tiffany: There is a random baby crying in the basement. 
Mom: I know. 
Mom: Just stay in your room. 
Tiffany: Hold on…I think it stopped. 
Mom: Good. 
Tiffany: I’m going down to check. 
Tiffany: OMG WTF 
Mom: Tiffany please stay upstairs and wait for me. 
Tiffany: Mom, I’m not staying upstairs. 
Tiffany: I’m going to move closer. 
Tiffany: What is this??!

For more information about Hooked, go to http://www.telepathic.tv/about/

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