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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Four Quarter Theater-TRANSITIONS

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Four Quarter Theater involves theatrical writers, directors, and actors in collaboration to develop and to workshop previously unproduced ten-minute works. In each quarter of the year, and aligning with the seasons, Four Quarter Theater aims to produce a new set of ten-minute works. Each season is framed around a theme, which relates to the season in which the quarter falls.

Four Quarter Theater is currently accepting 10 minute plays for Four Quarter Theater’s upcoming play series. The theme for our upcoming Fall series is TRANSITIONS. The theme is open to artistic interpretation and is provided as a thematic framework to guide the playwright. Below please find our submission requirements and additional guidance to successfully submit your piece to Four Quarter Theater. We are currently accepting submissions until September 7, 2015.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Play Selection Committee Chair, Dana Trottier, at 4qtsubmissions@gmail.com. For more information, please collaborate with us at Four Quarter Theater.

Submission Requirements

§ Only original and never before produced plays are eligible for consideration.

§ The play must be presentable in ten minutes (generally between seven to ten pages of dialogue).

§ Cast should not exceed 5 actors.

§ The performance will be held on October 23rd at The Drama League Theater Center. The format of the performance will be staged readings.

§ There is a submission limit of three plays. Plays not chosen for this quarter may be considered for future series if considered by the company to be theme appropriate.

§ Please do not submit first drafts. Due to the number of submissions, Four Quarter Theater can only read any play one time. Please submit the best and final version of your play for consideration.

§ Submissions should include two separate PDF documents: 1) cover letter 2) script of play.

§ Submissions are accepted electronically only at 4qtsubmissions@gmail.com and our current deadline for submissions is September 7, 2015.

Cover Letter

§ Title, author’s name, address, phone number, email address.

§ Cover letter is the only document that the playwright’s name should appear on.

§ A description of the play that is no more than ½ page in length—this need not be a summary, but may include description of the play’s world, the characters, the conflict, reason for writing the piece, connection to series theme, etc.


§ Playwright’s name should not appear anywhere on the actual script document.

§ Title and page number must appear at the top of each page of the script.

§ Title page should include at least the title, cast of characters, time and place.

§ Script should be approximately 7 to 12 pages not including title page and include completed dialogue as plays cannot be edited after submission.

Selection of Plays

The play selection process is conducted by the Play Selection Committee. Plays are read blindly and at no time during the selection process will the playwright’s name be directly associated with the submitted script. As many as six plays are selected each series (approximately 4 times a year).

Four Quarter Theater is committed to highlighting work of emerging artists. There is no financial compensation for entries, nor is any financial commitment required by the playwright.

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