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Monday, February 2, 2015

The FOURTH Annual StrangeDog Beer Battered Play Festival

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NOW Accepting Submissions for The FOURTH Annual StrangeDog Beer Battered Play Festival.

The Beer Battered Play Festival is a celebration of new work, held in the raucous environment of Tierney's Tavern Upstairs, Montclair NJ. (An easy train ride from NYC via NJ Transit.)

We endeavor for this play festival to be :

1) A great night of entertainment in a non-traditional venue,

2) an opportunity to reach out and expand our artistic community,

3) a chance for writers to get their work in front of a new audience,

4) a really excellent time.

Online submissions ONLY at www.strangedogtheatre.com!

Deadline is February 14th.

Plays should be…
Ten minutes (ish) in length.
Simple production requirements. (Say could be performed on a blank stage in a bar. Or at the bar itself.)

This is one of those "Self Production" Festivals.

You know the ones! Playwright's are completely responsible for assembling and organizing the "production" of their play, i.e. finding a director, casting, and rehearsing. All plays must be staged and performed "off book."
During the day on the first date of the festival is a mandatory tech day, where the StrangeDog crew will accommodate any lights or sound, along with focusing on evening cohesiveness to achieve not just a festival, but a solid night of entertainment. (If you would like to tech or see the space before this day, that can be arranged.)
If selected, you can reach out to StrangeDog for any help you'd need in putting your production together, but please don't submit if you feel you will not be able to self-produce your play.

What kind of plays should you send?
Here's the kind of plays we like: Funny plays. Sad plays. Funny plays. Scary plays. Smart plays, funny plays, really funny plays, plays about characters, plays about ideas, plays that surprise us, and worry us, make us marvel and that make us think. And plays that are funny.

More info at www.strangedogtheatre.com

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