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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Cahoodaloodaling seeks dialogues

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Issue #16 – He Said/She Said

What was said? You tell us. This issue we’re seeking submissions with conversations, dialogues, and quotations. While we want a strong conversational component to each piece selected for He Said/She Said, this call for submissions is theme, not form, based. Send us your visual, audio, written, and multimedia work of any genre and style that you feel speaks to this theme. This is a great opportunity to submit a scene from your play or to collaborate with others.

Submissions due 3/21/15. Guest editor Paul Beckman. Issue live 4/30/15.

Submit your work to our submissions manager accordingly:

WRITERS & POETS: Submit only 1-3 pieces per issue, each as its own attachment. This includes all narrative non-fiction, fiction, screenplays, excerpts, and poetry. We do not have length limits, but we may not read particularly long pieces in their entirety if we can tell they are not a fit for us at this time. Do not include your name on these files as we read submissions blind. .doc .txt or .pdf permitted.** Unless our call for submissions is form specific, we will consider any form or style, including but not limited to: fiction, non-fiction, free verse, form verse, scripts and screenplays, and flash. Excerpts recommended for longer pieces. When in doubt, query by email: cahoodaloodaling@gmail.com.

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