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Monday, October 20, 2014

BlackFry Productions seeks full-length plays

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BlackFry Productions is a new production company whose main focus will be to find plays that provide a voice or a platform to raise awareness of social issues, either large scale or on a very local and personal level, that exist in New York or elsewhere in the world. We would love to find plays that tell us stories of peoples lives that others may not have insight to or about issues from a surprising angle or viewpoint. 

The aim is that the pieces we produce will have the effect of not only making the audience aware of these worlds, but showing them the issue from an insiders point of view. Almost documentary making but in full and real play format. 

We are looking for writers that have a direct relationship with what they are writing about and a strong passion to get their experience or stories out to audiences. 

We are looking for full length plays, but if we receive a good group of shorter One Act plays that we could put into 1 night to begin with and test out for possible expansion into full length, that is also a possibility. A sort of pick a Playumentary night. 

Think of this like a mixture of the Moth, Anna Deavere Smith and Chris Thompson's Carthage.

It is really important to know why the writer wrote the piece and what it means to them.

I hope this is enough. Thanks in advance to all who submit.

We are estimating the production to take place in February, subject to finding the write piece/s. Submissions should be in by November 14th

Send submissions to nina@blackfry.com

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