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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Lightbridge Theatre seeks monologues

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Lightbridge Theatre is in the process of producing a new Monologue Show consisting of several short monologues with the theme "Happy Hour.” This will be our first annual Monologue Show with different topics to be presented yearly, and we are opening up submissions for writers to have their work seen. This will be a two show event over the course of one weekend.

Guidelines are as follows:

Rule: Original Work Only

Theme: Happy Hour (whatever that means to you)

Style: Comedic, Dramatic or anywhere in between

Language: Theatregoers are the general public and may include minors. We advertise PG13 material

Length: 3-7 minute monologue to be delivered by a single person on stage

Set: Bare stage (or on the set of the venue’s current show), will have access to two chairs, table, personal props if needed

Tech: Lights up, Lights down, No specials.

Deadline: October 19th 5:00pm
Submit to: Bigfatitalianwed@gmail.com. 

Along with your monologue, please include your full name, email, phone number and a 50 word bio for the program. Also include written permission for us to perform and videotape your written work. If chosen, you will be notified via email by 10/23/14.

If you are in the Chicagoland area and have a performer in mind for your piece or if you want to perform it yourself please include this info with your submission. Otherwise we would hold auditions and cast in house or will cast from our pool of actors who can perform your work.

This is an unpaid gig. If your monologue is selected, as a writer you would be invited to attend the show for free, your monologue would get production credit and we would give you a link to the show video.

We are in the process of booking the venue. We are looking at an early December 2014 weekend, but if that doesn't work we are open to producing after the New Year. We will update all chosen submissions with performance information once solidified.

If you're interested in submitting, we are looking for several short 3-7 minute monologues for this show. You can send in more than one if you like. We will choose 10-12 entries for the show depending on the length. Selections will be at our discretion as to what fits into the theme and guidelines. 

 Please email it to Jane at:BigFatItalianWed@gmail.com no later than October 19th. Selection list will be emailed out by October 22. We’ll keep participants appraised of the production status.

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