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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Seeking plays for the Blueprint Series

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Blueprint Series 2014
Calling all playwrights!

We are now accepting submissions to participate in our 5th annual Blueprint Series. This program is an opportunity for playwrights to work with our ensemble and other artists to collaborate on the development of new projects. If you have an idea for a play and want to work collaboratively to generate a script, you should apply.

Download the application and information sheet here:
Blueprint 2014 Application.

Submit signed form via email to info@brimmerstreet.org by 11:59pm on Saturday May 17th

Email us if you have any questions about Blueprint or if you want to be involved as a collaborative artist (actors, directors, designers, producers, and others)

The Brimmer Street & Blueprint Series

Brimmer St. Theatre Co. (BSTC) is a non-profit Los Angeles-based performance company with a commitment to develop original theatre and welcome artists whose work challenges established forms and expectations. The BSTC strives to form a close ensemble of these artists, craftsmen, students and benefactors to produce work of exceptional innovation and character. BSTC’s Blueprint Series is an opportunity for playwrights to work with our ensemble and other artists to collaborate on the development of new projects. The series will culminate in public presentation of all or some of the projects selected for development. Each project will be given devoted time in our rehearsal studio to work with our ensemble according to a schedule that suits the need of each playwright.

Project Selection

Blueprint Series focuses on developing work from the ground up, starting with a solid idea for a play. Scripts that have already been written that are in need of revision are not appropriate for this particular effort. Projects will be selected by the BSTC ensemble based on the concept of the play (including genre, plot, cast, context, and so on) and the proposed development process and timeline. 

Submission deadline 11:59pm on Saturday May 17th.

Development Process & Timeline

The duration of development will be determined based on project selection, but will last roughly 10 weeks starting in July. The ensemble meets 1-2 times per week for 2 hours; these meeting times will be shared between all projects according to a timeline determined immediately following project selection, based on the proposed development process of each project. In addition to the concept of the piece, a major factor that the company will use to determine project selection is the intention of how the process will incorporate the ensemble of actors and other theatre artists. Playwrights can consult with ensemble members to determine a fitting development plan and timeline. 

Feel free to email us at info@brimmerstreet.org for a consultation.

Future Performance Rights

Applicants interested in reviewing the detailed letter of agreement can request a copy from info@brimmerstreet.org. Blueprint Series offers playwrights with a $100 stipend for their work on the project and in exchange for future performance rights of the developed script for up to 2 years. In recognition of Brimmer Street’s contributions to the play’s development through Blueprint Series, BSTC will have the opportunity for a world premiere production of the completed script within 2 years. If Brimmer Street does not choose to produce the play, the company will give up that opportunity to another interested producer.

Intellectual Property Policy

We encourage applicants to submit writing samples as part of your application. Note that no confidential relationship exists between you and BSTC, nor is there one intended or created by the submission of your application. BSTC will not keep your application on file. BSTC’s potential future use of material containing features and elements similar to those contained in your application (either because such features and elements were not new or novel, or were not originated by you, or because other persons (including BSTC members) have submitted or may submit material containing similar features and elements which BSTC has the right to use) shall not obligate BSTC to negotiate with you nor entitle you to any compensation if BSTC determines that it has an independent legal right to use such other material which is not derived from you.

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