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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Kīkaha Ka Manu Play Festival seeks plays in the Hawaiian language

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NOTE: Plays must be in Hawaiian language or at least 2/3 Hawaiian Language AND provide English translation for all dialogue and stage directions.
The Leeward Theatre on Oahu is sponsoring a Hawaiian Language Playwriting Festival. Our initial CALL FOR ENTRIES starts today (22 May 2014) and end on 5 September 2014 (post marked date).


Stemming from a traditional culture and adapting to a multicultural world, Kīkaha Ka Manu is a call to our audiences and artists to celebrate and share stories from our own back yard that define and challenge the essence and perceptions of who we are as residents and indigenous peoples of Hawaiʻi sharing the future together.

Kīkaha Ka Manu is translated as "The Soaring Bird," it describes how the playwrights will be encouraged to soar with their creativity - but the name also implies audience participation as witnesses, gazing and being inspired by the work on stage. The name was proposed by Kumu Kepa Badis.

  • To promote access to ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi Theatre as an artistic medium for expression.
  • To help all residents of Hawaiʻi feel comfortable in taking ownership of ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi, an official language of the State of Hawaiʻi..
  • To promote ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi to all peoples of Hawaiʻi. We want to inspire and encourage the next generation to explore what it means to be Hawaiian, and provide a way for non-Hawaiians to engage with the Hawaiian community through the medium of theatre.
  • To ensure the foundation for Hawaiian voices to be heard worldwide.
Contest Rules
  • Plays may be on any subject and written in any style. Works featuring contemporary characters and situations are encouraged.
  • Play must not exceed 30 minutes - shorter works are preferred. Time will be strictly enforced.
  • Playwrights must be 18 years old or older at time of submission.
  • Plays will be judged as to style, content, concept, and use of Hawaiian language. Both the playwright’s use of Hawaiian and the overall “theatricality” of the piece will be judged.
  • Multiple entries may be submitted by an author.
  • Hard Copy Submissions ONLY. We reserve the right to have you submit an electronic copy at a later date.
  • Plays should be written using Dramatists Guild Format.
  • Cover page should include title, author’s name, address, telephone number, and email.
Hard Copy script submissions should be stapled or bound. Scripts should be mailed to:

The Leeward Theatre
Leeward Community College
One Act Submissions - Kīkaha Ka Manu
96-045 Ala ‘Ike; Rm. TH-207
Pearl City, Hawaiʻi 96782

Scripts must be post marked by SEPTEMBER 5, 2014.
Scripts will not be returned. DO NOT SEND YOUR ONLY COPY OF THE SCRIPT.
Applicants will be informed by OCTOBER 20, 2014, if their play is to be included in the Kīkaha Ka Manu Play Festival.

Scripts must be typed, double spaced on 8.5 x 11 (or A4 for international submissions) white papers. Hand written scripts will not be considered.

Plays must be in Hawaiian language or at least 2/3 Hawaiian Language AND provide English translation for all dialogue and stage directions.

The Leeward Theatre and University of Hawaiʻi System are not responsible for lost, damaged or not received scripts.

No revisions will be accepted after the original submission.

The judges reserve the right to accept or reject any script submitted.

No oral or written critique will be provided for submissions.

The decisions of the judges will be final.

Winning playwrights will have a funded production of their work. Production will take place in The Leeward Theatre’s Black Box Lab Theatre.

The Leeward Theatre will select a director who shall control all artistic interpretation of the script, casting and production. No script changes will be made without the playwright’s written approval.

By submitting your script, you agree to allow The Leeward Theatre to produce your work on stage for the Kīkaha Ka Manu Play Festival in JANUARY 2015 without any further recompense or royalties. You further allow performances to be photographed for publicity purposes. The Leeward Theatre may request to record performances for archival purposes, for which you will receive a free copy. If your script is published, The Leeward Theatre and its producer, directors, and actors will receive premier billing.

Playwrights retain all rights to their own original work.

An Entry Form must accompany each submission. Entry Forms can be found at the Theatre’s web site (http://LCCTheatre.hawaii.edu).

Send questions to contest coordinator: KEMUEL@hawaii.edu

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