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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Short Play Festival seeks 10-minute plays

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The 1st and 2nd of June the 92Y Resident Artists is going to hold a Short Play Festival. This a collaborative project that invites writers, actors, directors and musicians to put their craft together in order to create a unique performance. The deadline for the submission of the short plays is Sunday 18th of May at 6pm.

Guidelines for writers:

We are looking for good short plays of:

- 10 minutes at most
- with 2 to 3 characters
- set in a context in which (at least) one of them must be WAITING for something.
- minimal props and scene changes
- each writer can submit more than one play
- the plays do not have to be necessarily unproduced.
- we will only accept electronic submissions (pdf or word)

We will be selecting 6 to 12 plays to be performed in the festival. Moreover, this is a blind submission process, so please include TWO attachments in your submission e-mail:

1- A blind copy of the script with only the title of the play and the script itself.
2- A document including the playwright’s bio, contact information, and the title of the play.

Send your submissions to 92YResidentArtists@gmail.com. You have until Sunday 18th of May at 6pm!

Who are the 92Y Resident Artists? We are NY set-up art collective that is currently producing several events within the world of the performing arts; from cold readings, to short films and acting workshops. Everyday we are looking for new talent and projects to keep on growing as a NY artsy family!

Check us out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/92YRAE?fref=ts

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