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Monday, May 5, 2014

InterAct 20/20 Commissions

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InterAct Theatre Company is pleased to announce the submission deadline for the seventh round of 20/20 New Play Commissions: Friday May 16, 2014.

InterAct is the flagship for new work in Philadelphia and a founding member of both the National New Play Network and the Philadelphia New Play Initiative.

Long established as one of the country’s preeminent producers of provocative new works, InterAct uses the 20/20 Commissions to fund plays that explore the most adventurous, complex, and engaging stories, ideas and issues in our world. We are invested in the wide range of stories that unfold when the larger forces of our world impact the individual and vice versa.

Eighteen commissions and development awards have already been given to plays ranging in style from hard-hitting drama to absurd comedy to magic realism. If you are considering a proposal, we encourage you take a look at both our recent commissions and productions to get a better sense of us.

Since inaugurating the 20/20 commissions in 2007, four commissioned plays and two development award recipients have all been produced on our main-stage. In addition two plays submitted as sample plays for 20/20 awards – IN A DAUGHTER’S EYES by A. Zell Williams and MICROCRISIS by Mike Lew – ended up receiving productions on our main stage. So there is additional value to submitting a proposal!

About InterAct’s 20/20 Commissions

There are two types of awards associated with the program:

• Development Awards - through which InterAct commits funds toward the further development of a play, including dramaturgical consultation, readings and workshops. Funds are typically used to pay for playwright travel and housing, and actor fees. Development Awards are given to works already in progress, but not yet production ready.

• New Play Commissions – through which InterAct commits a cash award of $5000 toward a new and wholly, or substantially, unwritten play.

In both cases, InterAct’s intent is to provide development support for plays toward eventual production in our main stage season, though this is, in no way, a guarantee.
How to Apply for an InterAct Theatre Company 20/20 Commission/Award

The application consists of three parts, which must be submitted simultaneously and received by midnight on Friday, May 16, 2014:

1. Statement of Interest

Please provide a description of the proposed project, including why the issues and themes of the project will be significant over the next twenty years, and what your goals would be should you be granted the opportunity to work with InterAct on the project’s development. If you are applying for a Development Award, you may additionally discuss the status of the current work and its development history. Statements of interest should not exceed 2 pages. We prefer proposals that are specific, concise, and as concrete as possible. We will not be reading any submissions prior to May 16, so please use the time wisely.

2. Up-to-Date Playwriting CV

Please be thorough and be sure to include the development history, if any, of the proposed work

3. For Commission Applicants – A Sample of your work in the form of a Completed Full-length Script

Sample scripts need not have received previous productions for submission, but should be production ready. If possible, please submit a script that falls within InterAct’s central mission. If you do not feel that you have a script suitable to our mission, then please send whatever script you feel best exemplifies your work.

For Development Awards – One Copy of the Proposed Script: Scripts need not be complete, although truly fragmentary works are difficult to evaluate. (An additional sample script is not necessary.)

Please note: We can only accept one submission per applicant – for either a Development Award or a Commission.

The deadline for completed seventh cycle applications is Midnight EST May 16, 2014, and InterAct will notify all playwrights of its decision via email in November 2014.

All parts of the application should be submitted as PDF’s to commissions@interacttheatre.org

Please label the PDFs clearly following this format:

(Your Name) Statement

(Your Name) CV

(Your Name) (Title of Sample Play)

(Your Name) (Title of Play) – DA

For example, for a commission:

Kittson O’Neill Statement

Kittson O’Neill CV

Kittson O’Neill Romeo and Juliet

For a development award:

Kittson O’Neill Statement

Kittson O’Neill CV

Kittson O’Neill Romeo and Juliet – DA

Only full-length plays are eligible for commission or development. Musicals and bills of related one-act plays will not be considered. Collaborations are welcome. Submissions which do not follow these guidelines cannot be considered.

For all 20/20 New Play Commissions, InterAct reserves the right of first production.

Be sure to email applications to commissions2014@interacttheatre.org

However, if you have questions, please email Kittson O’Neill, Artistic Associate.

- See more at: http://interacttheatre.org/new-plays/submit-for-commissions/#sthash.st5WpxDd.dpuf

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