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Saturday, May 24, 2014

4x4=Musicals seeks ALL NEW ten minute musicals

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4x4=Musicals seeks ALL NEW ten minute musicals written to fit on a 4" by 4" stage. Last year, we decided all the musicals needed to dance- and it resulted in an exciting and challenging program that delighted sold-out audiences. This year, we want to be EPIC. Epic is wildly inclusive- your piece could be epic in scope of story or characters, epic in a period-piece-bodice-ripping way, epic in terms of tonality (an epic rock score), or any other of a million variations we haven't thought of as yet.

Previous premises have included Subway Cars, Elevators, Music Boxes, Life Rafts, Seven Minutes in Heaven, World-Record Phone Booth Occupation, Occupy Portland, Bloodstream of a Dog, Road Trip, and Tech Booths, amongst others. Shows vary in tone, but should always have genuine emotional arcs and characters. They frequently benefit from a premise that includes limitation as a concept of some sort. Writers who are interested in this experience are encouraged to sit in a four-foot square while they think of ideas to avoid many common pitfalls. It's really very little space, depending on how it is used! Do not write in scenic elements and please minimize props, etc. This is a project about talent and invention, not items.

To apply: Email an intent-to-submit with your premise by June 1st. Feedback will be given, mostly for practical purposes. Scripts with demo recordings of songs and vocal scores are due August 1st. Electronic copies are preferred, but hard copies are accepted. Production will take place in January of 2015 as part of the Fertile Ground New Works Festival. Writers receive a modest stipend. No fee to apply.

Attn. Mark LaPierre
6109 NE 7th Ave.
Portland, OR 97211

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