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Saturday, February 8, 2014

You’re invited to be a part of “The Apron Strings Project”

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Submissions open through February 14th.

Meet Valentina… and Rose.   Just two of the charming and inspiring aprons at the very heart of The Apron Strings Project; a theatrical celebration of women told through the creative contributions of writers, musicians, actors and other artists.

Inspired by a truly historical apron collection, the Apron Strings Project will be a collaborative production based on the stories of people who wore or may have worn them.   Set to take the stage this spring at Riverhead, New York’s historic Vail Levitt Music Hall, the production will benefit both the Vail Leavitt and “The Retreat” a local women’s shelter and support organization.  

Begin by taking a look at our beautiful apron collection- just click on “The Aprons” up on the menu bar-  and then pick the one(s) that most inspires you.   You may be moved to write a monologue or create a short scene, to craft a song or perhaps just a melody evoked by one or all of the collection.  Visual artists are also welcome to contribute their inspirations for possible inclusion in the program, the production or to be displayed onsite during the run of the show.  

And when you’re ready, go to “The Submission Form” to send us your creation.


January 1, 2014:  We begin accepting your submissions for consideration in the production

February 14, 2014:  Closing date for submissions

March 14, 2014:   Winning submissions will be announced

March 21 and 22, 2014:  Open Casting Call for all roles

May 2-4, 2014  Opening weekend at Vail Levitt Music Hall

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