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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fly-By-Night Theatre full-length & one-act play submissions

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Fly-By-Night Theatre is always on the lookout for new works. And though we prefer to work with artists local to the North Carolina Triad area, we are happy and willing to work with like-minded artists anywhere.

We exclusively do work that is new and has not been performed before. We especially love challenging and edgy pieces.

We are active collaborators. We are not going to rewrite your piece for you, nor are we after any authorial credit or future production percentages or any of that nonsense – but we are a process-oriented group. Please just understand that going in.

If we agree to work with you on your piece, we will pay you a small stipend. We are really open to any length. Full-length plays (75-120 pages) are your best bet, but we'll look at one-acts as well. We tend to favor plays that are ambitious in form and content over the standard family/relationship squabble, but we'll look at anything.

HOW TO SUBMIT: Send us a brief synopsis (anywhere from a sentence to a page) and the first ten pages in format of your play, each in PDF format.

Send submissions to FlyByNightGreensboroSubmission@gmail.com

Due to the high volume of submissions we have received, submissions are now accepted from February 1st thru April 1st ONLY. Submissions submitted any time other than the specified dates will not be eligible for consideration.

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