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Sunday, February 9, 2014

4th Annual Vittum Prize

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  1. Deadline: February 14, 2014 (Valentine's Day)
  2. Type of Work: ten-minute, one-acts, full-length plays, children’s plays or musicals.
  3. Eligibility: This is one of the few contests in America open to everyone! We do not discriminate by age, education, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religious views, region of the country, previously published or produced, unpublished or unproduced or anything else you can think of. America is a free country and we encourage other contests to end their practices of selectivity and discrimination. The only thing that should matter to anyone is the play!
  4. Subject Restrictions: Bring it on – your play is the thing! Restage the battle of Actium, bring us to a different universe, enchant us with a full length monologue (think: Shirley Valentine), fill the stage with clutter and props and monkeys swinging from vines . . . or leave it bare. This contest is about nothing more than you—what you write—how you write—and what journey you want us to take.
  5. Fee: $ 0
  6. Notification: we will ONLY notify the top ten and hone down that list until the final day. We do not give feed back or criticism. If you haven’t heard from us by March 17th, please don’t ask. Our palate is clutter enough!
  7. Number of Copies: 1 in Microsoft Word or PDF. If we cannot open it, we will notify you; we also notify you when we receive your work!
  8. Other Requirements: Only one entry per playwright, no exceptions! Put your name and contact information, including email, on the cover page, and feel free to put your name in the header next to your page number if we pay attention to your name for more than 10 seconds, your play probably hasn’t excited us—and that’s what we’re looking for: good writing.  Email your one play (that’s with an underline and in boldface, in case you missed our one restriction!) as an attachment to century21theatre@yahoo.com and include your name and contact information on the cover page along with a brief synopsis. We do not need your CV or lengthy emails, although we may ask more about you if you are a finalist.
  9. What we’re looking for: Move us, excite us, make us laugh or make us cry. Let us enjoy the journey. Let us feel your soul.
  10. Award: $50 cash prize.
  11. This is merely a cash prize for what we deem to be the most moving play we read. We are unable to continue producing plays!
  12. The award winner will be notified on St. Patrick's Day 2014.

The Vittum Award was established to honor the Vittum family, French Huguenots who emigrated to New Hampshire in the 1660s.

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