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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sticky seeks 10-minute plays set in a bar

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Sticky levels up: moves to Brooklyn, wants your plays

2013 marks 10 years of Sticky in NYC, and to celebrate, we're doing what lots of 10 year resident New Yorker's do, we're moving to Brooklyn.

Sticky will be at Beauty Bar, in Brooklyn, on 12/12/13.

We're lining up the program, and we found that we have two open spots for 10-minute plays, set in a bar, and if you want to go nuts, specifically Beauty Bar.

How did we land at Beauty Bar? Eliel Lucero, that's how. We were pals back in the Bowery Poetry Club Days, and now that he's on staff at Beauty Bar, we figured we'd tag along.

Do you want to send us a play? We'd love that!

Here's the deal:

you write a 10-minute play set in a bar.
we produce it: cast it, choose a director, present it, and we'd love to have you at rehearsals if that's your preference.
we buy you drinks on show night.

Script deadline is 11/01.

Send plays in PDF to blueboxworld [at] gmail dot com

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