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Saturday, October 19, 2013

New York Theatre Workshop 2050 Fellowships

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We are now accepting preliminary applications for the 2050 Fellowship.

Preliminary applications are due by 5pm on Monday, November 4th, 2013


The United States is rapidly changing. The U.S. Census Bureau expects that by the year 2050, there will be 439 million Americans
(there are 312 million of us now) and for the first time, there will be no single racial or ethnic majority.

These projections provoke thoughts about the transformations that will take place in the American landscape over the next 37 years—technologically, environmentally, demographically, and artistically. They are a catalyst for broader questions about our moral and artistic future. How do we define diversity? Whose stories aren't being told? What lies ahead for our world?

In response to these questions, NYTW has expanded its Fellowship program to support the diversity of voices that will make up this new minority majority. NYTW is re-affirming our responsibility to nurture artists who reflect this multiplicity of perspectives, challenge the dominant paradigm, and give voice to those whose experiences are not often heard.

The 2050 Fellowship is an expansion of NYTW's Emerging Artists of Color Fellowship, established in 1995 out of NYTW's fundamental belief that a diversity of thought, experience and culture is crucial to theatrical innovation. We remain committed to this conviction by expanding the way we identify an artist who is eligible for our Fellowships toward a more inclusive and wider range of artists of varied backgrounds and aesthetics.

As an institution, NYTW is constantly interacting with and being informed by the diverse body of artists we serve. We seek to listen and respond to untold stories and underrepresented voices, and our roster of artists has always embodied a multitude of communities. In addition, as both a laboratory for theatrical exploration and a producer of plays, NYTW supports projects that are aesthetically, thematically, and methodologically varied. We seek Fellows who reflect, celebrate, and practice this diversity, and who are dedicated and motivated candidates wishing to develop their talents and craft by participating in a dynamic, artist-centered creative community.

In addition, NYTW has chosen to name its new fellowship program the 2050 Fellows so that in our support of emerging artists, we hold these questions, provocations, and speculations about our future society at our core. NYTW seeks to support emerging artists who, with their unique voices, give us perspective on the world in which we live; and who challenge us all to embrace the creation of this new world.


The following materials must be submitted by 5PM on Monday, November 4th
Incomplete or improperly formatted applications will not be accepted. Review the
following requirements carefully.

1. A completed online form, available at http://www.nytw.org/fellowship_application.asp,
that includes the following:
1. Contact/Personal information
2. Education/Awards/Fellowships
3. Names and contact information for two references (Recommendation letters are NOT required at this stage; however, they will be requested if you are invited to submit a full application.)
2. In a Single PDF:
1. In a total of 750 words or less, please respond to the following questions:
- What kind of work are you interested in making? Why?
- What about a fellowship at New York Theatre Workshop specifically
appeals to you as an artist?
2. Resume
3. Work Sample: For more information about the work sample, please see the
section below entitled “Work Sample Requirements.”
- FOR PLAYWRIGHTS: A 15-page excerpt of your work.
- FOR DIRECTORS: Up to 10 photos from recent professional or
academic productions with a brief description of three of the moments in
these photos including, but not limited to what makes the moment
significant, how the moment was created, etc.. These images should be
clearly labeled and included in the single PDF.

 To submit your application, complete the form on the NYTW website and email the PDF to fellowshipinfo@nytw.org.
 All applications must be submitted as a SINGLE PDF DOCUMENT attached to a brief introductory email containing your name, contact information, and whether you are applying as a playwright or director.
 The subject of the email must include the words “2050 Fellowship Application” and your first and last name.
 Applications submitted as multiple documents or as non-PDF documents will not be accepted.
 If you are applying to the Fellowship as both a playwright and a director, you must fulfill
the work sample requirements for both categories.

Incomplete, illegible, or incorrectly formatted preliminary applications will not be reviewed.


 NYTW seeks to identify emerging artists with a unique cultural perspective. We
encourage applicants from all backgrounds, inclusive of race, ethnicity, gender,
class, disability, and sexual orientation.
 Candidates MUST live and be able to meet regularly in the New York City metro
area for the duration of the fellowship, June 2014 through June 2015. Applicants
who live elsewhere must be able to relocate at their own expense. NYTW is
unable to provide housing, relocation or job assistance.
 Foreign nationals are eligible to apply. However, international applicants must take full responsibility for arranging their travel, travel documents, and housing accommodations. Inquire with the U.S. Embassy or the consulate with jurisdiction over your place of permanent residence about visa application procedures.
Receipt of fellowship stipend is dependent upon the type of visa secured. If awarded a 2050 Fellowship, you must provide Employment Eligibility Verification as detailed on Form I-9, Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in order to receive the Fellowship stipend. If you cannot provide appropriate documentation, we will be unable to offer a stipend.
 If invited to apply, applicant must be available to interview in February/March in New York City.
 Fellows must be available to attend a 3-day retreat in June 2014 and June 2015 (dates TBD).
 Must not be enrolled in undergraduate or graduate study for the fellowship year.
 Must indicate in statement of purpose any conflicts of interest that may exist during both the application period and the fellowship period.


Full descriptions of NYTW’s Fellowship programs and Frequently Asked Questions are available on our website at www.nytw.org. Please check there for answers to your questions before contacting us directly.

Applications and inquiries should be sent to fellowshipinfo@nytw.org ONLY.

Lileana Blain-Cruz, Fellowship Liaison
Aaron Malkin, Literary Associate
Rachel Silverman, Artistic Producing Associate
Bryn Thorsson, Director of Education

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