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Wednesday, October 9, 2013


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As the nation continues to struggle over state and national gun legislation in the wake of tragedies at Sandy Hook Elementary School and the countless DAILY shootings across the nation, I believe it is time to call for playwrights to provide spaces for deeper reflection regarding gun violence in American life.

First Annual GunPlays(s) Competition 2013-2014

Guidelines for Plays:

Plays should fall into one of the following categories:

“Political”: Examinations of the politics of gun violence i.e. legislation (local/state/national), gun rights versus gun control, incidents of violence as space for national political debates, and other kinds of politics not mentioned here

“Global”: Examinations of gun violence as a result of war, immigration, detention, international trafficking, revolutions, terror, border crossings and other kinds of violence not mentioned here

“Communal”: Examination of gun violence in public spaces: streets, parks, campuses, workplaces, places of worship and other public spaces not mentioned here

“Domestic”: Examination of gun violence in domestic spaces: incidents of domestic violence, suicide, accidental shootings, shootings involving children, and other kinds of incidents not mentioned here

“Personal”: Examination of gun violence from the perspectives of victims, survivors, perpetrators, educators, activists, students, law enforcement, clergy, politicians, citizens, gun collectors/enthusiasts, parents, vendors/entrepreneurs, medical professionals, social workers, journalists or other roles not mentioned here

***It is understood that the play may engage more than one of these categories simultaneously, but for the purposes of judging, select the category into which you would direct your play.

Deadline For Play Submissions: November 1, 2013 Midnight.

(1) $250.00 award for Full Length Play (1-1 ½ hours maximum)
(2) $100.00 award for Short Play (30 minutes maximum)
(4) 50.00 awards for 10-minute plays

Winning plays will be read at GunPlay(s) Reading in March 2014 at part of the first annual GunPlay(s) Festival in Champaign, Illinois.

***YOUTH ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO PARTICIPATE so feel free to share this information with young writers under 18 years of age.

***Place name, address, email and category of play on front page of play ONLY.
Then, please send plays in PDF form only via email to samaritanroad@gmail.com or via US mail to the following address:

Nicole D. Anderson Cobb, Ph.D.
Convening Playwright
1717 W. Kirby Avenue
Suite #371
Champaign, Illinois 61821

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