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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Original Play Submissions for the 25th Annual Playwright's Festival

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Play Submission Deadline: Monday, November 4th, 2013 at 5:00 pm

Play submissions should be sent by e-mail to Artistic Director, wmittler@fullcoll.edu.

The Resident Theatre Company (RTC) at Fullerton College is seeking submissions of original full-length plays and original full length musical theatre works of any genre for its 23rd Annual Playwright's Festival to be held January 6-23, 2014 in the Fullerton College Bronwyn Dodson Theatre.

Company members in the Festival have the unique opportunity to participate in the script development process from several angles. Performers have the chance to be the first to bring life to a written character, as well as learn the skills of efficient preparation for script-in-hand reading and the flexibility necessary for working with a fluid and changing script. Company members watch the process unfold and see how various choices impact the direction of a play, learning various critical tools to help understand why and how a piece of theater has its effect. By the time of the rehearsed readings, members of the company will be able to respond to the scripts both as performers and as colleagues of the playwrights.

The Festival is looking for directors, actors, dramaturges, and administrative staff to participate in Playwright Festival workshops and staged readings. There are also positions available for assistant dramaturges: students who want to focus on the playmaking and revision process. Assistant dramaturges will learn critical tools and methods for useful and positive interaction with playwrights in the middle of a sensitive and often fragile revision process. This will be valuable for those interested in writing themselves, as well as for those studying critical theory.

Artistic Director: Amberly Chamberlain

Dramaturge: William Mittler

Please contact William Mittler for more information

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