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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Interview with Trudie Styler currently appearing in The Culture Project's THE SEAGULL

Trudie Styler and Slate Holmgren
NYCPlaywrights was invited by social media marketers Romio to attend the Culture Project production of Chekov's THE SEAGULL now playing at the Lynn Redgrave Theater. The adaptation by Thomas Kilroy changes the setting from the original Russia to Ireland.

We were given to opportunity to interview Trudie Styler, performing as Isobel, after the show:

What are your thoughts about your character Isobell? I imagine she's very different from you.
I've been acting in movies - I've never left acting, but I'd been away from the stage for some time. I was flattered to be asked to play the role. The character - called Irina Arkadina in the original - is a famous actor with her better years behind her - she's very vain, I think we may have that in common (laughs) but she's a complete narcissist, with an extreme, manic-depressive personality, and I think we're different there. I was drawn to the character because she's one of the great roles for actresses. 
Your husband Sting has also acted in several movies, has he acted on stage? 
Oh yes, he was Macheath in the 1989 production of THREEPENNY OPERA.
I'm always more impressed by theater actors - in addition to being an artist, you have to be a kind of athlete.
(Laughs) Yes, especially the third act -
(Rufus Collins who plays Dr. Hickey - Dorn in the original - enters to see his parents, who had attended the show and were waiting for him in the theater. Trudie greets him and says to us...)
I love being on stage with him.
(Trudie goes over to say hi to Collins' parents, then returns to us.)

...very athletic - at one point you're sprawled on the floor in a gown. And one of your costumes has that long sash... But they were so lovely- 
Yes, thank you,  Ilona's (costume designer Ilona Somogi) gowns are so beautiful. 
Do you have future plans for the stage?
I have plans to appear in a play as Queen Guinevere - she's on trial for her affair with Lancelot -
Very interesting idea!
Yes - if we have a reading in New York we'll invite you to sit in.
Thanks! And thank you for this interview, and your wonderful work.
Thank you.
More about this production of THE SEAGULL at Playbill.com.

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