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Friday, April 20, 2012

OCCUPY THE EMPTY SPACE: Call for Submissions

(no web site available)

NOTE: do not send scripts until May 1, 2012

Submit from May 1-31, 2012

Event Date & Time TBA July 2012

Needed: 10 Minute Plays/Immigrant Rights/OWS Themes

After a successful first event, Occupy the Empty Space is back in action! Our next festival will take place in early July, date and venue(s) to be announced in June. For those of you new to Occupy the Empty Space, we are a ten minute play festival and activist outreach event directly affiliated with the Occupy Wall Street Movement.  The festival takes place in an outdoor or nontraditional venue. We do not charge our audience. There is very rarely a traditional stage. We accept works from playwrights of all career levels.  We do not monetarily compensate any playwright, director, or actor involved; we offer great work with great people. And we consider that priceless. 

YouTube Links of previous material, consult for a better idea of our project. [ all available at NY Raw Video user… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6iFHcq5yqqg OR http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQuXMH-3czs&feature=relmfu OR peruse the links!]


  • Plays must be five to ten minutes long
  • Plays must coincide, be able to fit under the theme THE HUMAN RIGHT TO MOBILITY.
  • We will also accept play submissions dealing with themes of Occupy Wall Street, and in particular, immigrant rights.
  • Plays should have no more than five characters.
  • Please do not submit more than two plays at a time. If you wish to submit more than this, please write and ask permission.
  • We will not read play submissions longer than 15 pages, and we will not read play submissions with more than five characters. We will also not read play submissions that deviate greatly from our theme.
  • We will begin accepting submissions on May 1st, and we will stop receiving submissions on May 31st. Any submissions sent before May 1st will NOT be read. Any submissions sent after May 31st will NOT be read.
  • We only accept submissions via email, no paper submissions accepted. 
Please put “Occupy the Empty Space” in the subject of the email, along with a cover letter. It does not have to be long! Please introduce yourself and tell us what you’ve sent us.
  •  Please send submissions (along with questions and concerns) to BOTH Kate Foster at owsvoices@gmail.com and Sarah Duncan, at smduncan@mail.bradley.edu….Happy Writing!

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