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Monday, April 9, 2012

Altruistic Theatre Company seeks scripts

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Altruistic’s signature late night one-act showcase is coming back for another round and we want you in on this. Five plays on any theme will go head to head for a large cash prize. After four sold out shows, we’re feeling pretty confident that this will be the single greatest thing you can do with your summer. Send in your best piece, because, let’s face it, only one of you’s walking out of there. Step up or shut up. Boom.

The Rules
Submit your best 10-20 minute play. After 20 minutes we will fade to black.
Bring your own cast. We can supply a stage manager the night of.
“Bare-knuckle” plays require minimal sets (Tables and chairs provided), no major lighting or sound cues.
No submission fee
, only paying attendees can vote.
Any theme or topic, no casting limitations.
Winner by audience ballot gets 50% of the profits, so bring fans.
Hosted by your well-intentioned friends at the Altruistic Theatre Company.

Full submission guidelines are available at our website: http://altruistictheater.com/current-productions

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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