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Thursday, April 5, 2012

NYCPlaywrights March 2012 Play of the Month: YEAR OF THE DRAG-ON by Michael Narkunski

VIEWER ADVISORY: this video contains obscene language, drag queens and drug usage. View at your own discretion.

Michael Narkunski on the inspiration for this play:

This came primarily from seeing two drag queens performing on the 7 train. Nothing about their performance was particularly inspirational, I was just struck by the mere fact that I'd seen tons of drag queens in my life, but never any working a subway before. Besides being really odd for the morning, it seemed pretty brave to me. But also desperate considering the danger and derision that must be involved. So I thought about the kind of person that might do that, and how I definitely wouldn't do that, and built my story around those people while also thinking about what is desperate and what is brave when it comes to this kind of thing? Is there time to be weak? Or is it impossible in this... the year of the dragon?

More about Michael and the cast here.

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