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Saturday, April 27, 2024

New Relic Theatre: Mythmaking


Deadline: May 2, 2024 at 11:59 PM EDT


NEW RELIC THEATRE, a New York-based performing arts organization, is seeking playwrights and performing artists for an upcoming project slated for mid/late Fall 2024.

This event will be programmed and supported by New Relic Theatre’s existing production team in October 2024 as part of our 2024 Season. NRT will support the selected artist with the development of their project and the logistics of casting, staging, and marketing the project from conception through final curtain. New Relic will provide the budget for this production and a commissioning fee for the selected artist, allocated based on the scope and needs of their vision.

About the project:

Myth offers a refuge from a rational world within the infinite, connecting us to our distant past and inviting us to view the present in a new, enchanted light. This project will commission an artist to present work that approaches this guiding theme from their unique perspective.

Mythmaking also opens unique connections between cultures and communities by offering a glimpse into the cultural exchanges of stories, legends, and folklore that have shaped the human experience over thousands of years. We are especially interested in artists inspired by the myths and folklore of the global majority.

We encourage participating artists to imagine a world (past or future) where the dark forest encircles them—where connection, community, and solidarity are the only path to survival. In myth, we see ourselves not as rational masters of a data-driven universe, but as a tiny group huddled around a campfire. We invite audiences to step back through the centuries and carry that experience with them as they leap into the new.

This production opportunity provides a stage to fashion new mythologies, honor existing ones, and reexamine how we engage with history. Through the resonance of these diverse mythologies, the project seeks to spark dialogue, empathy, and a deeper appreciation for the multifaceted tapestry of human history and cultural heritage.

To submit:

Please submit your name & contact information, along with a resume and samples of previous work (if available, in whatever form you have), a 150-word description of your proposed piece, a 300-word description of how it underscores, challenges, or reframes our guiding theme of “myth," and the script or performance score of your project. We are open to submissions from both playwrights and performing artists who blur the lines between disciplines.

Please note: we are only accepting completed drafts at this time. While the selected piece can be edited between selection and performance date, we are unable to consider outlines or unfinished scripts/scores this year.

This production has a commissioning award of $500 and a total production budget of ~$4,000 (covering additional stipends and production costs) with some flexibility depending on the size of the project(s) selected. The selected artist will work with the NRT team to arrive at a production budget and compensation structure that meets their project’s needs.

While the final performance will take place in NYC, we’re open to submissions from around the world. Please note, we are unable to offer a travel stipend to out-of-town artists at this time.​

New Relic Theatre is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion. We welcome submissions from artists and performers of all races and ethnicities, gender identities, sexualities, abilities, and ages.

  • April 3 - May 2, 2024 (11:59 pm EST): Applications accepted​
  • May - June 2024: A panel of judges read submitted works and select a small group of finalists to be interviewed
  • June 2024: Finalist interviews
  • Late June 2024: Final awardee notified
  • October 2024: Performance

Click here to view the form and submit.

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