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Sunday, April 7, 2024

Cultivate Theatre Project is seeking 3 playwrights for our inaugural 2024 workshop and performance.


Deadline: April 24, 2024 11:59 EDT


About Cultivate Theatre Project

Cultivate Theatre Project is a transdisciplinary conservation-theatre project aimed to foster science identity, environmental stewardship, and science communication in the theatre industry by empowering theatre artists to see themselves as participants of science and agents of change within their medium.

Science Identity + Artists

Science identity can be defined as one’s willingness to participate and expectation to succeed in science activities. Fostering science identity in artist communities has implications on our ability to become effective science communicators with widespread audiences. This positioning that artists have creates opportunities for connecting audiences emotionally with conservation topics and inspiring environmentally-conscious behavior changes.

What We Are Looking For

CTP 2024 is seeking 3 playwrights (early career are welcome to submit) to participate in a 2-day workshop with science literacy; nature connection; and environmental stewardship activities, culminating in a reading of 3 new short plays (15-20 minutes each) based on an environmental issue local to New York City. Each playwright will be expected to create one new short play for the reading during the week of June 2nd, to be submitted to the artistic director by the end of the day on Friday, June 7th. Playwrights will be present for the full rehearsal period and performance.

Ideal candidates will:
- Share in the mission and vision of Cultivate Theatre Project to open the gates to science participation and conservation action for both artists and audiences
- Work collaboratively with their artistic team (playwright, directors, actors) as well as with the partnering environmental organization, if applicable, on approaches to science communication in theatrical work
- Craft plays that creatively bridge art and science for unique storytelling with resources provided by Cultivate Theatre Project
- Effectively incorporate learnings from the workshop into the plays
- Meaningfully engage with the audience in the post-performance talkback

Contract Details

Required Dates + Itinerary

Friday, May 31st: Tour and environmental stewardship activities at Kingsland Wildflowers and Newtown Creek in partnership with the Newtown Creek Alliance

Saturday, June 1st: Science literacy and nature connection activities

Sunday, June 9th: Rehearsals, performance of short plays, and audience talkback at the Center for Performance Research

(Recommended, but not required) 

Thursday, May 30th 6-8pm - Virtual Orientation and Meet-and-Greet


For CTP 2024, we are able to offer a stipend of $100 to each playwright. This is a non-union contract.

Submission Instructions

For consideration, please complete and upload 2-3 writing samples of theatrical work in the Google Form provided. Submissions close on 4/24 at 11:59pm EST. For more information, please visit www.cultivatetheatreproject.com. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Cultivate Theatre Project welcomes and encourages artists of any gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, and physical ability to submit.

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