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Sunday, September 17, 2023

Personal Pizza Parties August ~ October


Poetry Party - August 21, 2023 at 5pm EDT
Classics Party - September 16, 2023 at 5pm EDT
New Play Party - September 21, 2023 at 5pm EDT
Comedy Party - October 7, 2023 at 5pm EDT

To submit, fill out this Google Form: https://forms.gle/FrhRWNxjkiy5MZ7PA

Personal Pizza Party (3P)'s Perusal Parties are a low-stakes, welcoming forum for artists to hear work read aloud in a casual, no-judgment environment filled with supportive vibes and constructive feedbacks (and also a fun party, because we love a party).

Programmed bi-weekly from late-August to mid-October, each Perusal Party has a unique theme and vibe to support a wide variety of works-in-progress, or to celebrate some classic pieces that bring you joy! From poetry to classic plays to sketch comedy, there's sure to be a party that will match your artistic interests.

Specific info and guidelines for the parties are as follows:

8/26 @ 8pm: Poetry Party in Hell's Kitchen

Read your poetry, or your favorite poem! All forms, from slam to sonnet, and all stages of drafting, from first to final, are welcome. No ee cummings, no exceptions, no explanations. If you’d like to perform, please sign up by Monday 8/21 at 5pm. If you just want to come and enjoy, you are more than welcome - an RSVP form will be available closer to the party date! Can't wait to see you there! Saturday 8/26 at 8pm, in Hell’s Kitchen.

9/16 @ 3pm: Classics Party in Central Park

Join us in Central Park to read a classic play! Along with your RSVP, submit your favorite play that is 100+ years old to be performed by a company of 10-15 participants. We’ll do a group vote based on your suggestions closer to the party date, so please submit your suggestion by Monday 9/11 at 5pm. Plays outside of the Western canon are highly encouraged – while we love Shakespeare and the Greeks, consider this an opportunity to discover something outside of the traditional definition of classic. Hope to see you there! Saturday 9/16 at 3pm, in Central Park. (Inclement Weather Date: 9/17)

9/30 @ 7pm: New Play Party in Sunnyside, Queens

Have a scene in your latest play that you’ve been itching to hear read aloud? Struggling with pacing in your new short? In the mood to show off your future Pulitzer Prize-winner? Submit scene excerpts, short plays, or a full-length work that can be read by a group of 10 (or less) performers. Submissions due Friday 9/21 at 5pm. If you just want to come and listen, or would be interested in reading, an RSVP form will be available closer to the party date! Let’s workshop together! Saturday 9/30 at 7pm, in Sunnyside, Queens.

10/13 @ 8pm: Comedy Party in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Whether you’re coming for a chuckle, or down to clown, we want you join us for a night of comedic sketches and solo acts. Solo acts of any kind should stay within 5 minutes. Sketches must be under 5 pages. Volunteered names at the event will be drawn from a hat and assigned a character to play in each sketch. Submit your sketch or solo act by Saturday, 10/7 at 5pm. Let’s have some fun! Let’s have some laughs! Let’s go Mets! The night of Comedy will commence on Friday, 10/13 at 8pm in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Click the link above (or HERE) to be taken to the submission form. Please note that each party has a different set of submission rules and deadlines, as indicated in the form. As long as you follow those guidelines, the world is your oyster! If you attend, there is a completely optional suggested donation of $5 to help us cover snack/beverage costs. We would also be extremely open to anyone who wants to bring food or drinks to the parties – just avoid anything with common severe allergens if possible (aka: go nuts, but leave the nuts at home).

3P’s staff will review all submissions as they come in and will make selections based on the work’s feasibility to be performed in a Perusal Party setting, length of work, and how closely the work supports 3P’s artistic tenants of honesty, irreverence, and fun.

All submitters will be informed as to whether or not their submission will be performed at one of our parties at least 96 hours in advance of the party’s date.*

Individual feedback on submissions will not be provided.

Please email info@personalpizzaparty.org with any questions, and visit personalpizzaparty.org/persualparties for more info.

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