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Sunday, September 10, 2023

Grange Hall New Stage Play Festival, November 2023

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Deadline: September 17, 2023 @ 11:59pm

317 Howard Avenue, Waterbury Center, VT

Seeking submissions of short comedic stage plays for production in mid November 2023. 

Plays will be selected, directors will be assigned, and casts will be set for festival production the second and third weekends in November. All comedic play types will be considered. 
Criteria for selection is as follows:
-- Plays must be comedic. All comedic genres will be considered.
-- 8-12 pages-- Please note: Only 10 - 15 minute run times can be included.
-- Simple production values preferred.
-- No more than 5 characters.
-- Playwright agrees to grant ARCA/GHCC full license to produce their play for the New Stage Festival production.
-- Each submission must come with its own complete set of submission information (see below).

All submissions must include the following:
1) The entire play: DIGITAL SUBMISSIONS ONLY-- 8-1/2” x 11” page format with size 12 font or larger, standard margins on page, simple title page, title and page numbers on each page;
2) Playwright’s name, email address, USPS mail address & phone contacts;
3) Brief synopsis of play (4 sentence max);
4) List of characters with brief description for each;
5) Any special technical requirements listed for production;
6) Time run of show;
7) All production history, including workshop/development process for or publication of this play, if any;
8 ) Short playwright bio (75 word max) and resume (education, awards, fellowships, etc). 

Please note:. Plays are chosen on the merit of the writing, not the pedigree of the author.

9) Anything else the playwright deems important for us to know.

Please email submissions to grangehallcc@gmail.com with “GHCC New Stage Play Festival Submission” in the subject line.

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