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Friday, March 24, 2023

THIRTEEN podcast submission guidelines


Deadline: none listed

Thank you for your interest in submitting to Thirteen! We are an audio-drama/audio fiction podcast specializing in feature length (~ one hour) productions that are characterized by slow-burn, atmospheric stories, horror and ghost stories.
Thirteen Podcast is an Imaginary Comma production.

Submissions will only be considered if they meet the following guidelines:

Our audience comes to us for slow burn, atmospheric, character driven stories. They want to know the characters and see them grow and change just as much as they want a good scare. Stories that aren't character driven won't be a good fit.

Submissions of 5,000 words or more are most likely to be selected for wide release. Shorter submissions may be selected for special double feature episodes or episodes exclusive to Patreon supporters and other financial supporters of Imaginary Comma. Any submission that is selected for production, regardless of platform, will be paid.

Submissions should be in prose or script format. Preferably in Arial font and sized at 11pt. Check out our transcripts for a visual.

Stories with a first person central narrator and supporting characters work best for our format.

Stories which include derogatory language or slurs against any group of persons will not be selected regardless of context.

Stories that include depictions of rape or sexual assault will not be selected. While these topics may be acceptable as plot elements we will not perform or narrate depictions of them.

Stories should not be plagiarized in part or in full. Any story found to contain plagiarized material will be removed from our platform and the author will be asked to return their payment for that story.

How the process works:

We may not be able to reply to all submissions. Be sure to use the subject line "Story Submission'' to ensure your submission makes it to the correct folder. You'll also receive an auto-reply with information about what will happen next

Stories not written in an audio fiction format will be altered and/or adapted to fit that format. This may include changes in the placement of character dialogue attribution, folding character dialogue into narration and resolutions to issues of clarity that work on the page but not in an audio format

Submissions with several speaking roles may require alteration to fit a limited cast. This would come in the form of the narrator incorporating the character's lines into narration

Authors are paid for submissions that are accepted and published at the time of acceptance. Payment options include Venmo, Apple Pay, Paypal or direct invoice

Authors of stories over 5,000 words in length will be paid $75.00 if accepted. Authors of stories under 5,000 words in length will be paid $50.00 if accepted

Submissions will be attributed to the author in the recorded episode and in the show notes.

Our brand is built on great stories, rich in character development and in an atmospheric tone that remains with the listener long after the story is over. We recommend becoming familiar with the show to determine if your story is a good fit.

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