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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

The Dramatists Guild End of End of Play.® starts April 1


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The Dramatists Guild of America is very pleased to announce the fourth annual national playwriting month, End of Play.®

Starting April 1, 2023, participating playwrights, composers, lyricists, and librettists will be challenged to write a brand new play or musical, or revise an old draft. Through a combination of community building events, motivation, and that all important deadline, DG hopes to inspire countless new works.

End of Play.® is an annual initiative, created by the Dramatists Guild, to incentivize the completion of new plays, scores, or songs over the period of one month. Since the launch of End of Play.® back in 2020, hundreds of participants from all over the world have connected with one another, uniting to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of creating new theatrical work.

Each year, writers set goals for themselves at the beginning of End of Play.® month and share their weekly progress with the community. Goals may include writing a new full-length play/musical, two one-act plays/musicals, or completing a second draft of any of the above. Ultimately, the aim of End of Play.® is to get writers to the finish line with inspirational prompts, motivational events, and the support of their End of Play.® community.

How Do I Participate?

The next round of End of Play.® starts April 1, 2023. (Pens up on April 1; pens down on April 30!) Sign up using the registration form below.

Want to get more involved? Take your End of Play.® experience one step further, and become a Volunteer Event Coordinator. Plan a kick-off party, a silent writing session, or another event of your choice for your End of Play.® community!

Fostering an artistic community is more important than ever before. Once you've signed up to participate in the End of Play.® writing challenge, help us spread the word! Share that you'll be doing End of Play.® on social media, using #EndOfPlay. Maybe you can even inspire a friend or two to join you on your End of Play.® journey!

Any questions can be directed to Lily Dwoskin or Jordan Stovall.

Tips for Participating in End of Play.®:

Considering joining End of Play.®? If you have a new play or musical brewing in your mind, End of Play.® is the perfect time to start working on your draft. Here are some tips to consider between now and “Pens Up!” on April 1 to help you make the most of your End of Play.® writing experience.

1. Plan an achievable writing goal. Only you know the full extent of your time, availability, and resources. Perhaps you'd like to spend the month creating a draft of a new full length play (or two one-act plays), or composing a fully notated new song, or revising an existing draft of your play or musical. Maybe you'll only have time to draft the first act of your play or to sketch out the melody for your song. That's great too. No goal is too lofty or too small for your End of Play.® month of writing.

2. Know what you would like to write about. It's always helpful to have an overarching theme to explore or a question to keep in mind when you embark upon a new project. If you're stuck, find a friend with whom to trade writing prompts and exercises that will help spark your creativity. Or, you could read through some online issues of The Dramatist magazine to get your creative juices flowing.

3. Set yourself up for success by proactively protecting your work. The business side of writing can seem daunting and distant when you're just beginning a new project, but it's always good to think about the future of your work. If you're planning to write your play, musical, or song with a collaborator, be sure to check out the Dramatists Guild collaboration agreements for plays and for musicals.

4. Get to know the world of your play. If it’s helpful, begin the outlining process, or do some character development exercises, so that you are familiar with your plot and protagonist before you dive into End of Play.® month.

5. Find your optimal writing spot. Do you enjoy curling up with a pen and a notebook under a leafy tree? Are you most excited to write when you're poring over your laptop in the midst of a bustling cafe? Perhaps you gravitate towards the familiar surroundings of home when you want to really focus on your writing projects? Choose a comfortable writing place, or several comfortable writing places, where you know that you'll be able to do your best work.

6. Don't forget about self care. We encourage you to get some nice writing equipment, some delicious snacks for your writing breaks, and maybe a stress ball to squeeze when your hand cramps up from all that writing. Treat yourself to whatever will relax you as you take on this writing challenge. You deserve it!

7. Keep yourself accountable. How will you make sure that you stick to your writing goals for the month? Will you reward yourself after you write a certain number of pages each week? Will you make a donation to your favorite charity when you finish your draft? Will you check in with a writing friend to help keep them accountable too? There is no right or wrong way to stay accountable throughout the month. You should do whatever works best for you.

8. Plan to participate in the Guild's End of Play.® events. Check out our National Silent Writing page to see if there is an upcoming session that will work with your schedule. Take a look at our End of Play.® Events page to find regional events are happening near you, and register for any upcoming events that might be of interest!
(Don’t see any events for your area? Consider registering to become an End of Play.® Volunteer Event Coordinator, and organize your own local event.)

9. Keep a positive outlook. Get ready to challenge yourself, bring your writing to new heights, and join in on the fun!

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