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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Athena Project’s Read & Rant: A Plays In Progress Series


Deadline: August 31, 2022 11:59 PM MDT

Athena Project’s new Read & Rant program seeks to combine the original form’s sharing of theatrical work with the wider public with the new play development aspects of Plays In Progress while also fostering collaboration between playwrights and dramaturgs. We are initiating these changes to Read & Rant with the goal to create digital opportunities for early and mid-career playwrights, uplift women* writers and dramaturgs overall, and highlight underrepresentation for women* in these positions.

Submissions are now accepted August 1-31 for the October session of Read & Rant (scheduled for the 3rd Monday of the month). A total of five plays will be selected via lottery. Two of these plays will be featured in our October Read & Rant and will receive a moderated Zoom discussion led by a dramaturg as well as initial feedback from the public. The remaining three will still have an opportunity to receive short feedback from a dramaturg via a medium of their preference (written, audio recording, short video, or live phone call).

Submission Guidelines
  • Playwright must be a woman* and may submit only one full-length script each month. 
  • Full-length is defined by at least 60 pages in standard playscript format.
  • Only previously unproduced plays are eligible. 
  • Scripts with prior workshops, readings or academic productions are accepted, but the script should be revised prior to submission to Read & Rant so the playwright receives the most benefit from this opportunity. (Presently, we cannot accept musicals.)
Submission must include:
  1. Summary of the play only
  2. What you hope to personally experience by participating in Read & Rant and working with a dramaturg
  3. Resume in PDF format
  4. Completion of the short Google Form Application
*At Athena Project, we believe that “women” means many things and can be a complicated term. We recognize that the term “women” does not automatically include all aspects of the gender spectrum. We want to create a safer space for the expression and growth for all women, non-binary, and LGBTQIA+ individuals.

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