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Monday, September 19, 2022

Anything Can Happen in Ten Minutes Play Festival 2022


Deadline: September 25, 2022

Pan Theater presents Anything Can Happen in Ten Minutes, a collection of short plays by some of the nation’s top emerging playwrights.

Play Festival Fees:

(There is a fee if you submit more than one play)

Pan Theater, where neurons fire faster, has been bringing comedic and dramatic improv to the San Francisco Bay Area and Oakland since 2002.

The theme of the festival is Anything Can Happen in Ten Minutes.

Play Festival Winners:
All writers with plays accepted for production will paid at the rate of $100 per winning play. There will be 10 plays produced.

We are seeking a range of plays from serious/dramatic to absurd/comedic.

Suggestions for submissions:

-Have the play read by actors before submitting
-Provide some idea of preferred types for the characters
-Provide some background detail for the actors
-All submissions should include a synopsis and character outlines
-We will be limiting winning plays to those that can be performed within 10 minutes at most.
-Limit the number of actors to five at most
-The play should be appropriate to a minimalist production style
-Plays that can be easily played by different perspectives

Notes from the winning prior submissions:
  • Only one winning play was over ten pages in length
  • No play with more than five characters was chosen as a festival winner
  • Plays requiring extensive props and scenery were not chosen
  • Each play could be easily summarized in one sentence
  • Authors followed submission guidelines
  • Winning plays had strong central relationships
  • Winning plays had a strong main action/event
  • Characters were transformed during the play
  • Plays chosen were easy to produce with minimal scenery/props
  • Plays were easy to cast from our performing troupes

Plays will be judged by a panel of local performers, directors, actors, and writers.
Each piece will be rated separately on the following metrics:

-Meets performance requirements suggested
-Provides strong sense of character, location, and action
-Casting description/suggestions is flexible
-Story holds interest with discernible and actable objectives
-Play is either a complete story/scene
-Writing is entertaining and provides a scene that will hold audience interest

Submission Details: Format

For each play submitted, the number of copies sent should be equal to the number of characters in your play. Two characters plays would require two copies of the play. Three character plays would require three copies of the play. Include SASE if you wish the originals returned.

We will not accept copies sent as part of the body of an email or as attachments. Only hardcopies of plays accepted.

What to include:
  • Writer's info
  • Production/Reading History
  • Synopsis/Character Info
  • Production suggestions
  • Fees:
  • 1 play - NO FEE
Chosen authors/playwrights will be notified the week of October 15th. Winning authors/playwrights will receive $100 festival award per winning play.

Send Play and Submission Fees to:
Pan Theater
3871 Piedmont Avenue, #323
Oakland, CA 94611

Winning playwrights grant Pan Theater the right to stage a winning play up to 4 times. Plays already produced/performed are acceptable.

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