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Thursday, June 16, 2022

YOU DON'T KNOW DICK seeks radio plays


Deadline: July 1 2022
OR until we have accepted 12 submissions we like

One of the greatest sci-fi writers of all time, many of Dick's acclaimed short stories are in the public domain. Beginning in January 2023, we will air a radio play version of 9 of his stories, one per month, and we're looking for playwrights to pen them!

You must choose from one of the approved plays (see list below).

It must be written as a radio play in the preferred format (see example of The Hanging Stranger below). Any submissions that do not follow the given format will not be read.

It must be between 30-45 mins. in duration (approx. 20-25 pages MAX depending on amount of dialogue/action).

We will accept submissions until July 1st, 2022, OR until we have accepted 12 submissions we like; therefore, the sooner you submit, the better!

Plays must be submitted in PDF format only.

There is NO financial compensation if your play is selected.

The following stories are in the public domain and therefore legally allowed to be used without approval or licensing. Click the title to read the short story for free!

  1. The Skull
  2. Second Variety
  3. The Variable Man
  4. Piper in the Woods
  5. The Last of the Masters
  6. Mr. Spaceship
  7. The Gun
  8. The Crystal Crypt
  9. The Defenders
  10. Beyond Lies the Wub
  11. The Eyes Have It
  12. Tony and the Beetles
  13. Beyond the Door

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