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Thursday, June 23, 2022



Deadline: June 30, 2022

Each applicant must be a composer/lyricist or composer/lyricist team wishing to create work for the musical theatre, and must not yet have achieved significant commercial success.   

Application Materials: 

1.  A digital recording containing up to four songs from one or more musical theatre pieces, with typewritten lyrics and a description of the dramatic context for each song. 

  • MP3, ZIP, and M4A song files are preferred, but Dropbox files are also acceptable. Dropbox files should not have time limits.  
  • Please combine lyrics and context descriptions into one PDF. 

2.  A completed application form in PDF or Word format (see next page). 

• Because all submissions will be reviewed anonymously, please do not place name(s) of writer(s) in any electronic file names, lyric sheets, or descriptions of dramatic context. Names should only appear on the Application Form.   

• Only musical theatre work will be considered. 

• Please do not submit recordings that include significant audience sound. 

• The applicant(s) must have written all the songs included in the submission. For example, a composer cannot submit one song with her own lyrics, and a second song with lyrics by another writer.  '

• No individual may appear on more than one application. You cannot apply as an individual and again as part of a team, or as part of more than one songwriting team. 

Submission Deadline and Award: 

Applications will be accepted from June 1–30, 2022. 

Please email applications to fredebbfound@gmail.com with the subject line “Ebb Award Application 2022.” 

The winner will be selected in November 2022 and will receive $60,000.  

Due to the volume of applications, only finalists will be contacted.

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