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Monday, June 20, 2022

Mountain Community Theater seeks plays


Deadline: July 12, 2022

MCT is currently welcoming and accepting plays for consideration for our 2023 Season! Anyone interested in MCT productions can submit a play for possible production including MCT members, subscribers, and the public.

We typically choose four plays for our season, plus a new play by a local playwright for our “New Works Night,” (see below). We are looking for comedies, dramas, musical theatre, winter holiday plays, and other plays that might not fit in these categories. Is there a great play that you know of that you would like to see produced on our stage?

Our Play Reading Committee, composed of 12 of our MCT members, will read the plays submitted and select our 2023 Season from the submissions. We expect our process to be completed in early September of 2022.


Email a copy of the full printed play to our Play Reading Committee Chair, Kathie Kratochvil, at: kathiekratochvil@gmail.com or email a link to the full play. 

In your email, please also provide us with the following helpful information if possible:

1. Title, playwright, and a very brief overview of the story line.

2. Casting requirements (how many cast members, etc.)

3. Any technical requirements we should know about that might be difficult?

(Costumes, sets, props, lighting, sound, musical instruments, special effects, etc.)

4. Any background on the play that you think is important.

5. Why do you think this would be a great play for MCT to produce?

6. If you are a director, and would like to direct this play, please indicate that in your email.

7. If you have a link to any videos of the play, we welcome those as well.

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