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Friday, July 2, 2021

Woodie King, Jr’s New federal Theatre seeks full-length play by BIPOC & women writers

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Woodie King, Jr’s New federal Theatre accepts submissions for potential main-stage productions. All work will be presented at New Federal Theatre, 543 W. 42nd Street, NYC, NY 10036.

NEW FEDERAL THEATRE’s m­­­­­­ission is to integrate artists of color and women into the mainstream of American theater by training artists for the profession, and by presenting plays by writers of color and women to integrated, multicultural audiences – plays which evoke the truth through beautiful and artistic re-creations of ourselves.

The plays must be by BIPOC writers & women
One full-length play; never produced. (3 to 5 characters)
Number pages & notate title on each page.

To be considered: submissions should be in the form of one PDF document and organized as follows:

Page 1: Cover page to include:

The title
The playwright’s name, address, city, zip code & phone number
Page 2: a biography of the playwright
Page 3: Character Breakdown
Page 4: synopsis of the play
Page 5: begin the body of the play

E-mail submissions addressed to literary@newfederaltheatre.com will be considered.

Submissions are open. No deadline. NFT is always looking for new work.

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