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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Festival de la Bête Noire Call For Projects

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Deadline: October 31, 2020


We are so excited about what YOU can bring to our unique horror theatre festival. The Festival will run exclusively online from Feb 15th to March 15th 2021 for a limited edition experience. We are offering you an online platform through which to share your weird, creepy, freaky, spooky, and macabre horror performance work.

Please read the information and guidelines before applying. There is no fee to apply.


1) All projects accepted to the festival will be pre-recorded performances, with NO post production edits. This is to ensure a most genuine and organic theatre experience albeit online. We are not a movie festival, we are a theatre festival. Keep this in mind when submitting your ideas as you will have to record and submit a finalized copy for viewing to the festival.

2) Projects /performances must remain as close to an organic theatre piece as possible: Whatever environment you choose to perform your project in EX: your living room, rented space, outside, a car etc...is to be interpreted as your stage. Remember if you can perform it on a traditional stage then, it can be done in your chosen environment (with a little creative thinking).

3) When describing your project in the form below please be as descriptive and concise as possible. Please include your idea for the type of “stage” or “stages” you will be performing in to give us a greater understanding of what to expect. You can submit more than one project.

4) During the festival all projects will be stored in our google drive and audiences will buy access to the links via our website. Most activities will come with a ticket purchase, but some other events will be free for all (Panels, workshops, live streams). There will be No live streams of the submitted projects on standard social media platforms( fb/youtube or Instagram) However, to ensure a more interactive relationship between the audience and artist we will have an opportunity to present live streams through “About the Creator” series. Which will be featured on standardized social media platforms.


- Radio Plays - Audio Dramas - Living Room Theatre
- Dance - Puppets - Magic
- Spoken word - Interactive games - Murder mysteries
- Panels/Workshops


- All projects must be pre-recorded
- Projects /performances must remain as close to an organic theatre piece as possible: Whatever environment you choose is your stage and if it can be done on stage, it can be done in your environment.
- Artists can apply individually or in groups with performance projects.
- We strongly encourage submissions from underrepresented voices, including BIPOC and queer artists, and artists of varying abilities.
- No post production/Digital Manipulation
- 45 minutes or less
- Ticket profits split 85/15 in favour of the artist
- Tech, rehearsal spaces and other needs are your responsibility, although we can guide you in the right direction if you feel stuck.
- Flexibility, on yours and our part. We live in strange times and things can and may change.

Calls by November: 7th

Email us at betenoire.festival@gmail.com if you have questions.

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