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Friday, October 2, 2020

Playwrights First Award seeking submissions

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Deadline: October 10, 2020

One, single full-length play per playwright in English from anywhere in the world.
Not produced full scale prior to submission. Readings, workshops, and college productions are acceptable.

No joint authorships, adaptations, translations, musicals, or shorts.​


$1,000 first place.
Award listing of playwright and play title on our website.
Professional reading in NYC when feasible.


Complete and submit online application form:​​
Link to Online Application Form: CLICK HERE!
​Note: You do not need a Google account to submit this form.

​In one email provide the following three documents described below (parts A,B & C), each as separate files/attachments to:

Note: This address is for submissions only.

​Paper copies will not be accepted. PDF format ONLY.

PLEASE, BE SURE TO USE THE CORRECT NAMING CONVENTION FOR EACH FILE (follow examples below). SUBMISSIONS NOT FOLLOWING OUR REQUESTED NAMING CONVENTIONS WILL NOT BE ADMITTED. Each file MUST begin with your last name. Please leave one space after your last name -- do NOT use a dot, a dash, an underline. Please do NOT abbreviate your name or the name of your play. Please do NOT use your first name. Please do not use your initials. We appreciate your attention to this detail as it helps our staff stay organized.

A) Playscript in PDF format. The play should follow standard playwriting convention and include a cover page, a character list/breakdown, page count, etc. Please, name your file like this:
​Your Last Name TITLE OF PLAY.pdf (Example: Shakespeare TWELFTH NIGHT.pdf​​)Note: The title of the play is in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS

B) Playwright/Production Resume, CV, or Narrative Biography in PDF format. Name your file like this:
​Your Last Name RESUME.pdf (Example: Shakespeare RESUME.pdf​​​)Note: RESUME is in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS

C) Brief Summary of play in PDF format. Please include your full name and the full title of your play with the synopsis. Name your file like this:
Your Last Name SUMMARY.pdf (Example: Shakespeare SUMMARY.pdf)Note: SUMMARY is in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS

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