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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Rose Theatre Co. seeks monologues

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The Rose Theatre Co., a DC-based professional organization, is seeking short comedic monologues for the creation of a curated digital film series titled IN CHARACTER. Selected monologues will be produced and released by The Rose for use across digital platforms, including Instagram and You Tube. Writers may make multiple submissions. This is an open-ended project. Writers will retain all rights to their words. The Rose Theatre Co. will retain all rights to the audio-video content and their production of the monologues submitted. Please note that all submissions are voluntary and unpaid.


1. For the first round we’re looking for pieces that are COMEDIC (light-hearted) in tone but all genres welcome.

2. Scripts should run 2 to 4 minutes

3. Should require no more than one actor

4. The submission should be devoid of all stage directions and settings. An optional explanatory paragraph of the piece may accompany the submission but should not be a part of the script itself.

5. Your script should be a standalone piece where the audience loosely experiences an entire arc of story ... a sense of a beginning, a middle (turning point, change, revelation) and a sense of resolution.

6. Your script will be assigned to a professional actor contracted by The Rose Theatre Co. and will be performed in one pass. Be advised that scripts may not be assigned according to age, gender, race, or ethnicity.

7. We’re looking for compelling, well-told and entertaining first-person stories. Non-traditional pieces (stand-up, literary, poems, spoken-word) are welcome provided they meet the guidelines.

To apply, or learn more about The Rose Theatre Co, please go to www.rosetheatre.net/submissions To help us reduce our environmental footprint, please make your submission online. Only digital submissions will be considered at this time. Printed or mailed submissions will not be accepted, read or returned. Thank you for your support.

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