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Thursday, August 6, 2020


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Deadline: August 31, 2020
The Warren Miller Performing Arts Center and Montana Repertory Theatre seek proposals for a new theatrical work to premiere at Montana Repertory Theatre in its 2021/2022 season, followed by a statewide tour.

We seek proposals from Native American, Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian, and First Nations theater artists, with a particular interest in supporting a new work by an artist with a personal or ancestral relationship or association with Montana or a tribe in Montana.

While there are no restrictions as to content, we hope the commissioned work will speak directly to Montana and its people. We are especially interested in reviewing proposals for works that attempt to address the epidemic of missing and murdered Indigenous women.

The commissioned artist will receive a fee of $10,000; development support in the form of an artist’s retreat in Big Sky and a workshop in the Bitterroot Lab at Montana Repertory Theatre; and research support from the University of Montana School of Law, the Margery Hunter Brown Indian Law Clinic, and the Payne Native American Center.

Commission parameters: The commissioned work could be a play; a piece of dance theater; an interdisciplinary performance event; or any work meant to be performed live for/with an audience.

Project timeline and process: The commissioned artist will have access to an artist retreat at Big Sky, hosted by the Warren Miller Performing Arts Center, and to a workshop in the Bitterroot Lab at Montana Repertory Theatre. The timing of these development activities will remain flexible, pursuant to ongoing social distancing advisories. The project will culminate in a premiere production at Montana Repertory Theatre in April, 2022, followed by a statewide tour of Montana.

Proposals should include:
  • An introduction to you and your previous artistic work. This could include a biography or brief personal statement; a resume or CV; and/or links to websites/media.
  • A sample of previous artistic work: for playwrights, a full-length play (60+ pages); for dancers/choreographers, performance artists, and others, documentation of a full-length work (including but not limited to script, music, and/or video).
  • A one-page proposal describing the project you would like to make.

The commissioning theaters are eager to receive proposals from any artist who feels called to this opportunity. Artists without formal resumes or CVs or documentation of their previous work are encouraged to apply. Please tell us about yourself and what you would like to make.

How to submit: Proposals will be accepted via Submittable (https://montanarep.submittable.com/submit) until August 31st. If you are not able to submit online, please call Michael Legg at 406-243-5288 to discuss other options.

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