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Sunday, August 30, 2020


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Deadline: September 1, 2020 10PM

The plays must be written (or re-written) to work in the medium of Zoom. In other words, incorporating the online nature of the production is key. 

Extra credit for writing a play that feeds into a theme of "Club MET" (vacations, get-aways, beach longings, etc. and/or exploring the idea of Mesa Encore Theatre (MET), or community theatre in general, as a pathway to getting out of ones real life and into a fantasy/better world!).
The plays should be no longer than 20 minutes in running time but can be far shorter (think 10-12 pages). 

Because of the nature of how Zoom plays are presented, it would be difficult to use plays with more than 6 characters. 

Plays must be submitted to David Chorley at davidchorley@gmail.com no later than 10:00PM, Tuesday 9/1/20. 

Plays must be written with the confines of the pandemic in mind – it will be hard to choose a play that uses far-out props or settings that would be difficult to re-create in this environment. 

The extent of playwright involvement during the rehearsal process will be considered on an individual basis by the MET Artistic staff, the Director and the Playwright's preference.

Playwrights of all ages and levels of experience are encouraged to submit a play!

If you would like an extra challenge (a la the 24-hour theatre model) we can provide you with a cast of actors so you can create your play specific to them! We will get you the actor information no later than 8/28, which would give you only 4 days to write a Zoom play specifically for those actors. If this appeals to you please let David know at davidchorley@gmail.com asap and we can make these arrangements. This is, of course, optional.

*to involve as many people as possible, we will want separate writers and directors as opposed to having someone write and direct the same show.

** based on turn-out we may be able to do different plays on different nights, but the idea as of now is to organize a festival with the same shows performed live all three days. If we end up with more options, we may look to expand this.

*** there is no compensation being offered to playwrights, directors or actors for this project

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