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Saturday, October 5, 2019

Talos III: Science Fiction Theatre Festival

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Hopepunk Scratch: A Night of Hopeful Theatre
(Part of Talos III: Science Fiction Theatre Festival of London)

Playwrights of science fiction, fantasy, horror and speculative plays! We’re inviting you to submit a short play for our scratch night on the evening of Monday 9th December at the Omnibus Theatre during Talos III: Science Fiction Theatre Festival of London.

“Hopepunk”, a term invented by Alexandra Rowland, “is about fighting for a better future and taking action and doing radical kindness". We’re looking for stories about weaponised hope and unyielding optimism in this world, other planets, alternate realities, present day and future societies, both dystopian and utopian!

We’re looking for:

-Stand-alone pieces (or excerpts from longer plays) of 10-15 minutes

-Cast of 1-4

-Minimal set requirements.

Please send a pdf of your script, a short synopsis, and a 50-word bio to talosfest (at) gmail (dot) com putting TALOS SCRATCH SUBMISSION: [Play Title] by [Your Name] in the subject title. We are excited to hear from all applicants but want to particularly encourage BAME and LGBTQ+ artists to join us.

Deadline: 7th October 2019 (midnight)

Successful applicants will be contacted by October 31st.

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