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Sunday, October 29, 2017

NYCPlaywrights Write a Monologue for Me ~ Part II - project selections

Thanks to everybody who sent monologues for this project. The selected pieces are:
  • DAMN YOU ROBERT! by Bryan Stubbles
  • LAKE TOWANDA by Natasha Sera
  • TAKE YOUR LAST by Eleni Zezas
Of the three, Starra selected LAKE TOWANDA to record. We will be posting the video on the NYCPlaywrights web site soon.

Thanks to everybody who participated in this installment of WaM4M. We will be presenting the next actor looking for a monologue soon.

The playwrights have kindly permitted NYCPlaywrights to share their work on this web site. If you would like permission to perform any of the monologues or reproduce them for any reason, please contact the author directly via the email address at the beginning of each script.


DAMN YOU ROBERT! (click to view as a PDF)

Bryan writes:
Ms. Andrews was keen on something supernatural in relation to the Halloween season, so I wrote about the ghost of one woman's past. Even though it's set over 100 years ago, it's relevant today as it explores what was probably an exploitive relationship. 

Playwright Bryan Stubbles has a BA in Film Studies from the University of Utah. He spent most his adult life living abroad. He had a residency at Grunewald Guild in Washington State last Autumn. Two plays, ENGLISH ONLY and ICE CREAM SISTERS were chosen to be a part of The Protest Plays Project. His horror play, BLOODSTAINED MARIGOLDS ON A PERVERSE LANDSCAPE, premiered in LA. in October. His goofed-up comedy, DEATH OF A CHOCOLATE BAR ON GOOD FRIDAY, also premiered as part of the Funhouse Anthology in Seattle in Seattle. ENGLISH ONLY will premiere in November as part of the Otherworld Theatre Company’s Paragon Sci-Fi Festival. Finally, THE ANXIETY OF A KNUCKLEBALL BEFORE THE PLATE will premiere as part of the Utah New Theatre Works Project in November. His WW2 thriller DEATH SINGS IN THE SHADOWS is published by Broadway Play Publishing Inc. Hobbies include movies, music, history, volunteering, languages and avoiding food posioning. You may find him at The New Play Exchange or Facebook. Yay!

LAKE TOWANDA (click to view as PDF)

Natasha says:
I was really inspired by Starra Andrews' statement about the kind of play she wanted to see - I'm a big fan of Stranger Things too. I thought it might be fun to update the old horror story "The Monkey's Paw." I especially enjoyed playing with having the play exist on two levels - you can read it as a supernatural event - or you can look at it as the story of a woman going through a breakdown due to tragedy in her personal life. It took several tries to get the whole thing to fit in one page - I was glad to have the challenge, it forces you to cut out all the extraneous stuff.
Natasha Sera is new to playwriting and wishes to thank the good folks at NYCPlaywrights for giving her a chance to share her work.

TAKE YOUR LAST (click to view as PDF)

Eleni writes:
The inspiration came from the first line, I believe: “Choose carefully”. I don’t know if I heard it somewhere or I was telling myself that when I was thinking about what to write, but it wrung true in my head, and I decided to start with it. “What would I choose carefully?” I thought. The monologue was going to be in some way scary, so I immediately thought about death—and then final words. What if we put some thought into choosing our last words? What would be the reason for doing so? In what situation would you have to be in that you had to take your last breath and use it to throw a final verbal punch? Most importantly, who would be telling the audience this? I thought the answers were creepy, and I wrote them down.
Eleni Zezas is a senior attending Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison, NJ. One of her majors is World Literature and she enjoys reading, writing, film and theatre 

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