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Saturday, July 15, 2017

First Run Theater Full Length Plays & Musicals Wanted

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You may submit a full length play or musical to First Run Theatre no Later than December 31, 2017 to submissions@firstruntheatre.com

- All Plays must be full length (70 + pages) in American Standard Format
- Must be original work and never before produced. Note: scripts by be inspired by other works, but you must indicate what work and have written permission from the estate, if necessary.
- Send one script with no identifiable information. Our committee reads every script blind.
- Send second script with personal contact information
-if sending a musical please send music via Sound Cloud or other audio compatible services.
- If your play is selected as a finalist it will entered into our Reading Festival , this is a live reading open to the public usually in April.
- Winners will be notified via email or phone call no later than February 2017

Submitting by Mail

If you Choose, you may submit via mail to:
First Run Theatre
726 Leland Ave
University City, MO 63130

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